Vertigo (11/11) Movie CLIP - Judy Jumps (1958) HD

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This is where it happened.
The two of you hid there and waited for it to clear...
then you sneaked down and drove into town, is that it?
And then? You were his girl, huh?
Well, what happened to you? What happened to you?
Did he ditch you?
Oh, Judy, with all of his wife's money...
and all that freedom and power, and he ditched you.
What a shame. But he knew he was safe. He knew you couldn't talk.
- Did he give you anything? - Some money.
And the necklace, Carlotta's necklace.
There was where you made your mistake, Judy.
You shouldn't keep souvenirs of a killing.
You shouldn't have been--
You shouldn't have been that sentimental.
l loved you so, Madeleine.
- Scottie... - [ Sobbing ]
l was safe when you found me.
There was nothing that you could prove.
But when l saw you again, l couldn't run away. l loved you so.
l walked into danger and let you change me because l loved you...
and l wanted you.
Oh, Scottie. Oh, Scottie, please. You loved me.
- Now, keep me safe. Please. - Too late.
lt's too late. There's no bringing her back.
- Oh, no. No! - [ Woman ] l heard voices.
[ Screaming ]
God have mercy.
[ Bell Ringing ]