Happiness & Story of Stuff, How to Be Happy, Love Life & Yourself By Corrina Rachel

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Where does happiness come from?
If there’s one thing advertisers would really
like you to believe is that if you buy their
products they’re going to make you happy.
One great example is actually Coca Cola
who has actually used the slogan “Happiness,”
or “Have a Coke and a smile.”
All of these images are making us
think that having a Coke is going to
make us happy.
Now loads and loads of high fructose
corn syrup can do a lot of things,
like rot your teeth and cause you
to gain massive amounts of weight,
but they really don’t bring you any
kind of true happiness.
And what about McDonalds?
They’ve even named one of their
products a Happy Meal just to drive
home the point that that’s going to
make you happy.
And booze. Alcohol manufacturers would
also love for you to believe that
drinking their booze is going to
make you happy, but anyone who has
done their share of drinking can tell you
there are a lot of unhappy things that can
go on as well, like hangovers, DWIs,
vomiting. Even when you do go out
and get shitfaced and have a fantastic
time, the next morning when you get up
you don’t even remember what the fuck
you did!
Then there’s the good old porn
industry. And gee wiz does that girl
look happy while she’s getting gang
banged by the football team.
Actually, there’s nothing very
happy about genital warts or herpes
or an unwanted pregnancy
or a divorce because someone thought
that having an affair would make
them happier when the number one
cause of divorce is infidelity.
Then there’s the pharmaceutical industry
which gives you the message that
if you’re a sad face, then this one little
pill can turn you into a happy face.
Side effects may include: suicidal thoughts,
homicidal ideations, hallucinations,
inability to drive or operate a vehicle,
dry mouth and anal leakage.
But if you’re depressed, ask your
doctor about prozoft!
Then you have tampon commercials
that make you feel like being on
your period is kind of like frolicking
through the hills in The Sound of Music,
dancing, singing to the birds,
floating on a rainbow in the sky.
But any woman will tell you that
being on your period sucks
and cramps are not fun at all.
Advertisers are constantly trying to
get you to believe that buying their
product is going to make you happy.
You know what’s really going to make
you happy? Looking below, clicking on
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Now a lot of people say that happiness
comes from within, but what does
that really mean? And if happiness
does come from the inside then shouldn’t
there just be some magic button that I
can click to make myself happy and make
all the bad crap in my life not bother me
anymore? I mean, if there’s one thing
that I have learned so far, and that you’ve
probably learned also, it’s that life is
full of pain. People die, relationships end,
there are financial struggles, there are
accidents that happen to us; really un-
fortunate, painful, pretty unhappy things.
So if happiness does come from within,
why do people spend so much time
trying to find happiness on the outside?
I mean, I’ve done it. You’ve done it.
We say things like, “My boyfriend makes
me happy,” or doing this particular thing
I do makes me happy. “Eating chocolate
makes me happy!”
People even say things like,
“I’m trying to find happiness,”
as though it might be hidden at the
bottom of your sock drawer,
or that you might find it somewhere,
perhaps at the bottom of a beer glass
or at the end of a rainbow.
I mean, where is happiness? Have
you seen it? Where could it be
and how can I find it? Have you
seen my happiness anywhere?
It seems that people look for happiness
in all kinds of places.
In relationships, in sex, in money,
in the accumulation of stuff,
even in the temporary euphoria of
doing drugs.
So the question remains:
Does happiness come from within?
Or from the outside?
I think it’s a combination of both.
If you actually look at a dictionary
definition of happiness, it will further
enforce the idea that it’s not completely
from the inside, but it’s not completely
from the outside either.
The definition of happy is a feeling
of pleasure, delight or contentment
for a particular thing.
If someone says, “I just want to be happy,”
the first question should be
“Happy about what?”
Are you happy about your job,
your house, your spouse or your loved
one, you’re happy with your clothes
or your puppy dog. What are you happy
or unhappy about?
There’s a relation between you,
the conscious being, the consciousness
within you, and the external things,
the outside things you are conscious of.
Happiness is just your attitude towards
the things in your external things
that you experience.
If you want to be happy, it’s important
for you to understand that.
Happiness is relative, and it’s relative
to your attitude about the things
happening in your life.
That’s an important distinction to make.
Happiness is the attitude; it’s not the thing
itself, and what I mean by that
is that sometimes we consider particular
things to be a source of our happiness,
but our feelings about those things
is not emanating from the thing
itself onto us. It’s actually coming
from us; it’s our attitude toward that
particular thing.
One way that we can clearly see that is
that everyone likes different things
and different things make different people
happy. If happiness was really just
emanating from the object, a Coach
purse or a chocolate bar, then every single
person would like that thing
and would glean happiness from it.
Some people get happy by the weirdest
things like Satan or vampires
or other ghoulish, scary, creepy things
that don’t make me happy at all.
Happiness does come from within
but it doesn’t just stop right there.
It goes on a projects onto the things
that you are happy about.
The take home message from this video
is not to make the mistake that
happiness emanates out of the
external things around you
or out of the things that you accumulate.
And to recognize that happiness comes
from within you and projects outward
onto the things in your life.
Your happiness is really just a reflection
of your attitude towards the things
in your life. So how do we change
our attitude about the things in our life?
That’s in the next video.
And in another video, we’re going to
delve into happiness and sex.
Good old sexy sex sex sexy sex.
What the hell does it have to do
with happiness?
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