Dan Ljubezni Epizoda 8

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In previous episode of Love Day.
You could call Natalija to ask her about Tanja.
And also say good things about me.
And promise her not to tell me about it.
Of course you would then tell me everything, OK?
OK, give me her number.
When we called you, that dumb-ass Anze called the wrong Natalija.
It would be more surprising, if he did something right.
He's a good guy anyway.
-Yeah. -Yeah?
He's cute.
-I thought he annoyed you. - And I thought he annoyed you!
Heck no, he is so ... reliable.
I can't believe I'll have to fight now.
No sweat, man.
I've been in a situation like this a million times.
Can we do this some other time? What do you think?
Happy birthday, man. Just a little something for you.
You shouldn't have. You really shouldn't have.
I'll ask Lana today, if she would be with me.
That will never happen, never.
All in all a great guy.
I didn't say he wasn't.
He is funny the way he is. He's cute.
That's twice you said that.
-No I didn't. -Yes you did.
-He's cute. -Listen to her.
Stop it, that's got nothing to do with it.
I just wanted to say, that I've grown to like him.
And you called me about Tanja, anyway.
That's true.
I'll be straight. I like that girl and I think it's best
that I start with you, to get to know her better.
I know everything. Me and Anze talked about this
and we decided it would be great to fix you two up.
Oh, really? You don't have to do that.
No problem, we can make this happen.
Anyway, I'm all for it that you two get together.
Thank you very much. Any suggestions?
Why would I have a suggestion?
You're the one who was with 16 guys. You have a lot of experience.
That was only once.
They gangbanged me like a bitch.
I'm just joking, man.
You're all pale. I'll call Tanja and check things out.
Hi, Tanja. How are you, good?
Where are you? At the castle? What are you doing there?
I was just wondering, if you have time for a drink.
Yeah, no problem. Some other time then.
Hear ya later, bye.
Oh, I know you, right?
Yeah, you remember me this time?
Oh, come on. That was 2 days ago.
Yeah, well, it doesn't matter when.
I wanted to ask you, since you are already here.
-Ask away. -To... I wanted to ask you, if you would...
Who is that?
Oh, sorry. This is Miha, my boyfriend.
Yeah, babe. Me and her, you know.
Hi, Miha. Nice to meet you.
Didn't you say you don't have a boyfriend?
Yes, I did.
That was the day before yesterday.
Yesterday we did it six times.
And then we said, we should just go steady.
We're just fucking with you. He's a really good friend from Slovenia.
Hi, Miha. He has soft hands, ha?
We're just fucking with you again. He's just a really good friend of mine.
And you two don't get it on?
-Gay. -Guilty!
Well, I wanted to ask you. If you'd like to go on a drink, if you'd let me.
Wait, I won't allow that. A drink, with him?
C'mon Miha, enough already. Yeah, sure. When?
-Wait, tomorrow it's not good for me. -C'mon Miha, don't be such a fag.
-When? -Tomorrow.
-Okay, cool. -Great.
-See ya. -Yes.
See you tomorrow. Let's get a piece of cake.
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