Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - ItsKingsleyBitch Contestant Bio

Uploaded by DanceOn on 29.03.2012


Hi, my name is King, but most of you know me as Kingsley
from the YouTube channel ItsKingsleyBitch.
I am from St. Louis, Missouri, but I moved to California last
September to fulfill my dreams of becoming a dance superstar.
Just kidding.
But I did move to California, and I just so happened to be
given the opportunity to be on Dance Showdown, and I'm
On YouTube, I'm known for ranting and bitching about pop
culture and life in general.
Kingsley isn't afraid of anything.
He's very sassy, he's very loud and funny and crazy.
And, yeah.
One, two, three, doing the Nicki Minaj blink.
Bitch, nobody asked you to crawl into the middle of a
street, and I'm not stopping.
I will maneuver my damn vehicle around your nose and
continue going, and you will stay at the intersection, and
you will [BLEEP]
Make more videos!
We should meet each other and make little babies that will
run around the Earth not giving a [BLEEP].
I want to be on Dance Showdown just for the opportunity to
learn something new.
I've never learned how to dance or taken dance lessons
or anything like that, so I think it's just going to be a
cool experience.
I also think it would be cool for the people who watch me to
see me in a different setting where I'm not so
comfortable, you know?
Doing something completely new and out of the
ordinary for me.
And I think it would be funny for them, and also let them
see a different side of me.
The only dance experience I have are tap dance lessons,
and that was when I was in, like, third or fourth grade.
I don't remember what the hell was going on, to be honest.
And other than that, if I'm not drunk at the club, or some
bar or something, I'm not dancing.
Well, I dance to Brittney Spears' videos, but that
doesn't really count.
I'm really nervous about this competition because I don't
know who my competitors are, because I know there are some
YouTubers who actually do know how to dance.
So I'm not trying to be the only one up here with no
rhythm, not knowing what I'm doing.
So I'm pretty [BLEEP]
terrified, and I just hope that it all goes well.
I hope we get to dance to pop music.
That's my favorite type of music to dance to, because
it's simple, and it's like, what I listen to
on a regular basis.
So I can sort of have like, some idea of what the freaking
beat is, and what I'm supposed to do.
I hope we're not doing some classical ballet or something,
or Mozart, or Goliath, or whoever.
Who's the person with the piano?
Or the harp.
It killed somebody.
I just hope the music is relevant.
I can't be sitting up here dancing to no old classical,
all crazy, slow, depressing Phantom of the Opera music.
I'll just be like, [SNORING].
If I could have my pick to dance battle against anyone on
YouTube, it would definitely be Shane Dawson.
But I want to dance with Shanaynay so I could snatch
his weave off.
I have what it takes to win Dance Showdown, and if anyone
doubts me, they can [BLEEP]
my [BLEEP]
because I don't care.
I'm gonna give it my all, I'm gonna have fun, and hopefully
I dominate.
I wanna tell all my competitors good luck, and I
hope you break a leg and a foot, and an ankle, and a
kneecap, and a butt cheek, and a thigh, and everything else
that is relevant to any movement in your life.
All of you are going down, like an
elevator to a basement.
And not even the first basement.
Like the third basement.
If you watch me on YouTube, please watch Dance Showdown
and vote for me, because I really need audience support,
because I'm nervous, and I'm excited.
And I just think it will be funny to watch, and just a
unique and crazy experience.
And I hope you join me for the ride.
And if you don't, then I'll rip your nipples off.