Barcoding with POSTman in Microsoft Excel

Uploaded by ChrisDMS on 21.10.2009

Barcoding address data in Microsoft Excel is a simple process with the POSTman Wizard.
We simply select the data we wish to barcode, and click the POSTman Wizard button on our
We then set our equivalents and choose where we want our barcoded data to go.
We can also choose to generate a report about the barcoding process.
When we have selected our desired options, we click the finish button & the barcoding
process begins.
POSTman shows how many addresses have been processed,
how many have been barcoded & corrected,
and how many are invalid and will need to be manually corrected.
You can see that in this run 96.3% of records were successfully barcoded, directly in your
This means there is no need for any exporting of data or file conversions.
POSTman is the easiest way to barcode your mail.
Barcoding your mail has many benefits, including reducing your postage costs and greatly improving
the deliverability of your mail.
Call DMS on 1800 POSTMAN today to discuss how POSTman can benefit you.