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Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 19.06.2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
YouTube! Why? Why are you doing this?
Every bloody time i could swear that i've seen the cutest vid ever you give me an even cuter one!
Here, see for yourself.
Duckling~ [kitties suck! :D ]
They're prolly on their way to the bathroon to take a bath! ^_^
Wonder if he'll squeek if you squeeze him.
Wonder if he'll jump if you put him on a subwoofer? Will he?
Oh, before you go all PETA on my ass, let me change the topic.
Well, you can congratulate the dude!
Dude, gratz! You're a mother now.
[mommy mommy mommy!]
[where are you going?]
[mommy <3]
[i'm not ready!]
Duckling, I wanted to tell you one thing. You're adopted.
Your real mother is ... here.
You can't tell here, maybe the duckling started following the dude when he was taking pics of himself.
Hello Johnny, I think I have a tail!
What tail?
That tail! You know, with a beak like your GF's.
And this is Horosho!
Let's continue with another First Person Video.
It features a parallel universe Russia where you command the police.
Roll down the window!
Why no seatbelts? And why are you talking on the phone while driving? In a patrol car! Put the phone away!
And fasten the seatbelt!
Decree No. 185, signed by Nurgaliyev *minister of internal affairs*
Thank you.
Wow, teddy-cops.
Wait, so if I tell them to go catch thieves, they'll go and catch thieves?! [un-freaking-believable!]
What an outrage! Who does that in civilized countries!
How the cameraman didn't get hit in the nuts with a truncheon and gased right in the car is beyond me.
Those cops are prolly not Russian enough.
Nah, Russian! Driving with no seatbelts.
Why no seatbelts? And why are you talking on the phone while driving? In a patrol car! Put the phone away! [ANTICOP! ;[ ]
And put your hands where I can see them! Did you wash em? [with a soap?]
Nice! Scolded like a schoolie!
Americans in the comments are amazed of how nice the Russian cops are.
But we all know that the cameraman is prolly some colonel-general-fieldmarshal.
And the amount of showing off is inversely proportional to your rank.
And fasten the seatbelt!
Yeah? Well how about some fried nails?
I asked whether you want some fried nails, eh?
I couldn't find it but you prolly should. The second part of the vid where the cops are feeding him dirt and beating him to a pulp ["explaining the civil-cop subordination"]
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by [Zov Pripyati]
And this dog does look like it came from the "zone".
What a monster.
To improve the llok, this doggy would prolly be better off not born.
But all in due time. Let's talk about the name of the vid.
Clever Dog Busted Stealing Food
Well ok, let's see.
Not bad. This doggy's brain is capable to order her paws to clatter the floor.
But all in due time.
Let's see how well she fares next.
Heh, busted you brainless oaf!
I was getting scared that THIS can actually think.
Now we can talk about small dogs. Well, decorative rats.
What kind of pervert would buy this mix of a poodle and a pink dalmatian?
But they say that dogs look like their masters.
IQ is prolly about the same as well.
Oh yeah, the clattering on the floor.
It's disgustng. I'm no cat lover but it'd be better for those dogs to know how to hide the claws.
Yup, it got to the food [about time]
So what? I can shop for this food, that means that even I am more clever than this "clever" dog.
Did that made me look smarter?
Also it's prolly staged and doggy was taught to climb this table all her life [till she died >;[ ]
And even then she screwed up.
So friends, let's friend against small doggies!
And this is Horosho!
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How do you build up your success on YouTube?
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So, how can I survive the nyancat?
Find a Nyan Dog.
Turn off the PC, for once.
Type in console: nyan_cat_mode off
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Need to eat Skittles, ride a rainbow and choke him, big deal.
With a slipper bro, with a slipper
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