Public Speaking Tips : How to Prepare a Public Speech

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2007

Hello my name is Scott. I am the name tag guy from, on behalf
of Expert Village. We are here to learn about public speaking. We are ready to go. Welcome
back. In this episode we are talking about preparing yourself to speak, not a speech.
I was just drinking some lukewarm tap water to make sure my voice is okay. You know a
lot of speakers talk about rehearsal but concentrate more on preparation. Let me share with you
the four areas you need to prepare.

#1 Your mind. Go over all the ideas you want
to use. Maybe even read your notes or your script ahead of time, just to refresh your

#2 Body. Get plenty of sleep. Try to eat something protein filled, but not
too much.

#3 Voice. Get that tap water. No ice. May be get some Halls and get the
throat lozenges warming you up. You can also go in the bathroom and start singing Van Halen
at the top of your lungs. That is what I do.

#4 Try to get to the room ahead of
time, maybe even the night before. Visualize yourself, engaging the audience. Giving them
key points that they can use. If you can visualize it here, it will manifest itself in the real
world. These four keys will help you prepare like a pro.