Buena Park Revival, October 2012, Day 3.1

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I only....
took two people who doesn't do the ministry.
I only took two deacons who only made food.
So how can they minister?
When people were lying in front of her...
Oh my, there's so many people in front of me!
I told you to...minister to others!
Well, why are there so many people?
And there were a lot of people, but instead of looking at them
She was looking at the other side
and stopped ministering.
Because she was surprised by the demon-possessed
'cos they were smelly and stinky...
But as she stretched out her hand, the people behind her
all passed out
She wasn't aware of it
She just stretched out her hands like that
And when she looked at it...
Wow! A lot of people got knocked out!
Why so many? Wow!
Oh, they were more surprised.
Now we began to cast out all demons...
So we spent the whole afternoon, sweating and delivering.
We give glory to God.
So there were many instances like that all over the world.
But you guys can do such a ministry.
When you receive the strong fire of God, you can do the ministry.
And they actually want us twice a year, but we can't go.
I want...we want to go to Papua New Guinea next year.
There's a tribe within a....
within the jungle.
They're the descendants of Nephilim
...from Genesis.
I was shocked.
There are about a thousand to three thousand
and as soon as someone approaches their tribe,
they eat them alive.
They're about...five meters tall.
um...the size of their feet...is about a meter.
Recently, someone from Australia
who has seen Nephilim tribe
came to our church.
I believe that God is unveiling those things that are hidden.
God always sends us to the hardest places.
Those who have gone to heaven and hell once or twice...they can visit churches so they don't have a problem
But God always sends us to most difficult places.
When we were at Kenya, God took us to place that's like a dung.
And the interpreter was Suyeon (referring to herself).
I was expecting a big church.
I was so excited
But God sent me to a place...where the place was surrounded by dung.
It was stinky, and dirty,
And there were many ministers who can not...who are not provided...who don't get daily food.
But God begin to work through them
God unveiled their spiritual eyes and they were able to see Jesus.
Whenever we go to such places, we give all we have.
Sometimes we even give them our underwear.
They said that the Korean trunks are the best and they ask us to give it to them.
So as soon as we wash our clothes and hang it
somebody takes it
And sometimes, when someone hangs a woman's bra, they take it
And they cut the bra in half and use it as a knee pad for those who have knee trouble
And sometimes they bring it back to us just because they have a lot left
And there were many funny situations like that.
So today's verse, today's word, II Chronicles 20
The very weak prayer is very important.
Just because you're weak doesn't mean you don't have the power.
Jehoshaphat, even though he was a king, he humbled himself
He confessed that there's nothing he can do
The war broke
Three nations allied together and they attacked.
II Chronicles 12 verse 20, there's a word:
Oh our God, we will not judge them for we are powerless before this great multitude
who are coming against us. Nor do we know what to do
but our eyes are on You. Hallelujah!
Whether we have the power to oppose or not,
as long we take the issue to the Lord
it is the test of the Lord.
God is more sensitive to those who are weak than to those who are with power.
When I have power, God judges me with stronger...powerful judgment.
But if I humble myself, then God shows Himself in (my weakness).
If I become arrogant, too proud, then God becomes a judge.
If I am weak, and cry myself before God...
then God appears in a cross.
"I suffer for you."
So when you come before the Lord,
just break yourself, be humble.
So when someone tells you that you are not as smart as the other person, then they may become your enemy...
but don't...
Don't focus on your power.
Do not boast your smarts, intelligence
Do not boast of your experiences
Do not boast your wisdom
but just humble yourself.
Just increase your humbleness.
We have to have those in order to have God manifest His power on us.
We have to have our brokenness so that God can work in us.
The power of God and the other variables,
it can be added on or subtracted from.
There's substances than can be dissolved in water, and there's substances that separates with water.
Whether you are with God or not with God,
is important.
So God wasn't actually delighted in King Jehoshaphat
high places and an arrogant heart is not God what wants
I will say this once again:
God is very sensitive to those who are weak and broken.
Prayer is very delicate, and there is a depth.
And simple prayer, sincere prayer, can move the heart of God.
When were are in despair, when we are in difficult situations,
when we are lonely,
Then God told us in these situations, open our mouth
We have to take these words and go to God.
The prayer of Jehoshaphat didn't have the depth
But when we are confronted with a life or death situation,
we have to sound the alarm.
So King Jehoshaphat went to war...went to the battlefield...but he didn't go there to engage in war.
He put the worshipers in the front lines,
and they just prayed and worshiped the Lord.
All of you, praise and worship the Lord! and when they worshiped the Lord
the power of the Lord manifested.
And the people began to fight against one another
and two nations strike against one,
and they destroyed an entire nation,
when the two nations were left, they began to fight again(st) each other,
and everybody were destroyed.
And there's something left...