Daavid - Tv2 Aktív - 2. rész (2010.12.22.) - with English subtitles

Uploaded by Davidmusic4ever on 22.12.2010

This is the season for Christmas songs, so we won’t be left without one this year either.
Luckily, we could listen to some brand new songs around the christmas tree besides the ’Angel from Heaven’.
All of them tuned to Christmas with no exception, of course.
Many of them are about love, cold and peace.
And the song writers figured out perfectly the perfect timing.
Let’s get a little taste of it now.
Katinka Cseke had a warm welcome to pop business but that was it.
The actress of ’In Good and Bad’ too made a Chritsmas duet.
It wasn’t the first time for Katinka to sing in public.
She entered the contest for Mega Star 3.
That’s when the producer of this clip picked up on her.
Our voices together created sort of a Christmas atmosphere in the production. Right?
And then she thought of making a Chritsmas song together.
See you tomorrow at the usual time. Bye!
English translate: Barna Takács Subtitles: Gabriello