Common French Phrases : Talking About the Weather in French

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Common French Phrases for Talking About the Weather
Bonjour, my name
is Stéphanie with Expert Village, and today we will be learning to speak French.
How is the weather today? Quel temps fait-il aujourd’hui?

Is it cold? Fait-il froid?
Is it hot? Fait-il chaud?

It is still raining. Il pleut toujours.
Is it snowing?
It is sunny. Il fait soleil.
I would like
to sit in the shade.
Je voudrais une place a l’ombre.
I would like
to sit in the sun.
Je voudrais une place au soleil.
What terrible weather we are having.
Quel sale temps on a!
What great weather we are having! On a très beau temps!

What is the weather forecast? Comment est la météo?
is windy.
Il y a du vent.