Oga and Aoi on park debut Funny (Beelzebub Episode 7 )

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It really is child abuse!
We shouldn't get involved with him.
He threw the baby.
This is...
a chance for a park debut?!
I need to do something to make a good first impression.
Baby Beel.
Smile, smile a little.
Hello, how do you do?
His name is Baby Beel.
Nice to meet you.
I did it wrong?
B-By chance, is this guy...
I guess I should have been more gracious.
Baby Beel, smile more.
Well, the weather sure is nice today, isn't it?
Huh? That's weird...
...hang out with me.
Did he just ask me out?
Well, but, it's so sudden...
He has such a serious look on his face...
And the kid is staring at me!
Ah well...
I don't know anything about you yet...
I don't know anything about you either, but...
that's how it happens, right?
This park debut thing, I mean.
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Park debut?
Park debut.
That's what you meant by "Please hang out with me"?!
Is there any other meaning to it?
You bastard!
There is no way you can do a park debut like that.
But it's the only way I know.
Idiot! Don't underestimate the park debut.
It is not something an amateur like you can do so easily.
Then have you done a park debut yet?
Well, I was gonna do it this afternoon.
I will hang out with you.
Ah, that's a relief!
I can't tell him that I couldn't get anyone to talk to me until now.
Shall I use this notebook?
We'll start with greetings first...
Nonchalantly bring out common topics like baby supplies.
I have only those diapers and pacifiers with me.
That's all?
Then it can't be helped.
By the way what is the brand of the diapers?
The one they call miraculous diaper?
That could work!
This diaper is that famous Diappy?!
Wow, amazing!
Where did you buy it?!
I did it!
They really got into it!
When I went to the drugstore in front of the station, I ran into some bank robbers.
I beat the crap out of them so the manager of the drugstore gave them to me as a present.
He beat the crap out of them all?
Well, next one is...
Make your children play with their toys together.
I didn't bring any with me.
I forgot to bring any with me today too.
Then we have to skip this too.
Are you in trouble, Monsieur et Mademoiselle?
Where the hell did you pop up from?!
It is the duty of a gentleman to help those in trouble.
Well, I am not asking that.
W-Who is he?
Well, he is, umm... you see...
Baby Beel's...
I am a relative of his and I am here to help you.
I am called Alain Delon.
At your service.
Yeah, well...
Please be at our service.
Then use this toy if you please.
Thank you very much.
Was this guy actually carrying a toy?
Excuse me, we can play with this toy together if you like?
What's wrong with them?
Such weird people.
I am sorry, that didn't go well.
There is more to life than just toys.
But this is so sudden...
We just met...
I don't know you very well yet.
Well, hmm...
Go, Baby Beel!
Alright! Just like that, Baby Beel!
W-What are you doing?
Well, a park debut match.
I think you are mistaking it with K1 or something.
Hey, Kouta don't fight back!
Go, Baby Beel!
Young Master!
Kouta, go for it!
Baby Beel!
It is because the Young Master is powerless when he is not attached to Oga-dono.