110620 - Prolonged High Food Prices Ahead

Uploaded by HyperReport on 20.06.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for June 20th
of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1528.90 Silver is at 35.58
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 42.97 Oil is at 91.84
and the US Dollar is at 75.29
UK Banks Abandon Eurozone Over Greek Default Fears
UK banks have pulled billions of pounds of funding from the eurozone
to minimize its possible losses due to a possible Greek default.
So what happens when everyone abandon's the UK over their possible default?
We shall see.
Prolonged High Food Prices Ahead
A global world food report is warning that prolonged high prices
are likely to persist over the next decade, putting the poor at an increasing risk of
malnutrition. Droughts on several continents could have
a serious impact on harvests. So, please make food arrangements for you,
and your loved ones.
The Chaos Of A Currency Collapse
With the collapse of a currency, you can expect store shelves emptied as desperate
people try to get rid of their useless currency. Which country is next?
Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan, or the US perhaps.
At any rate, because of globalization, what happens in one major country,
will affect other nations around the world.
Trading Of Over The Counter Gold And Silver To Be Illegal Beginning July 15
The FOREX sent out a notice that because of the Dodd-Frank law,
over the coutner trading of precious metals will become illegal
for U.S. citizens starting July 15th. The exception is of course
deals with actual delivery within 28 days an enforceable obligation to deliver.
Possible consequence is a lower price in gold and silver; therefore,
keep stacking because the price will go up with the collapse of the dollar.
Homeland Security Committee Demands TSA Explain Reports of Racial Profiling
Never mind that the TSA has been in violation of the 4th ammendment.
Never mind that the TSA has falsefied safety data in regards to the body scanners.
When it comes to racial profiling at Newark Airport,
both political parties in Congress will do the Kabuki dance of concern.
This fantasy show will last until the next episode of... whatever.
Research Center Under Fire for 'Adjusted' Sea-Level Data
It now appears that those scientist, that have been warning of increasing sea levels,
have been caught doctoring the data. They have,
within their calculations, have put an arbitary yearly factor in their analysis.
While 0.3 millimeters is not very much, it is still falsifiying data.
The only possible reason for doing this is to advance an agenda.
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day