Voda Voda (Short Film)

Uploaded by BlueSmoke1333 on 07.05.2012

Mistletoe's a plant.
A mere Christmas decoration.
So what makes this plant special? You'll see that now.
What all could happen because of a plant?
You'll see that now, as well.
Naah, not this guy.
Every hero needs a sidekick.
For our story, it's this guy.
What bro? You've called me suddenly? What up?
The mistletoe's very common in the West. In India, nobody knows about it.
I'm hosting a party this Christmas.
Come home early and help me.
Well, uhh, I know someone. But still..
Chuck it, let's just go meet him.
We called no? Do you have it?
Who's that pretty boy over there huh?
He's a friend of mine.
You wanna have a seat?
Do you have it or not?
For him?
What're you gonna do with it?
That's none of your business.
Do you have it or not, dude?
No dude.
What is this?!
Dude, don't mess around. Do you have it or not?
I don't.
What the hell dude?
Do you atleast know someplace where we can get it?
.. I do.
This doesn't seem like the place.
That psycho's cheated us.
The place looks all neat and modern.
But the guy inside looks completely outta place.
I don't think this is gonna work out. Let's leave.
Who are you guys?
What do you guys want?
Sir.. A mistletoe, sir.
Toe, sir.
What is that?
Sir, we've accidentally come to the wrong place.
This isn't the place we were supposed to be at. Sorry, we'll leave.
Who sent you guys here?
Sir, Santhome, sir... De Monte, sir.. Friend..
Oh, that Anglo-Indian guys sent you here?
Here. Costs 5000 bucks. Okay?
Do you think it's some local product?
It's from outside this region.
Come here only if you have the money.
If not, get lost.
Chuck it, bro. It's just Christmas.
Get her a gift or something. See you.
He too, is related to our hero.
But they don't get along too well.
Calls himself a traffic racer.
While his racing skills are a mystery, he always carries around a lotta cash.
Can you lend me 5000 bucks?
Bro, why on earth should I give him money?
Ask him to get lost.
Why on earth are you talking to this guy? Come.
I got an idea.
Look. We'll have a race.
One round.
If you end up winning..
.. I'll give you the money.
What say?
What about the money?
Get lost!
Gimme my money!
Chill! Wait a sec! Wait a sec!
Are you outta your mind?!
Shut up and come!
Why'd you hit him bro?
I really dunno bro.
This package doesn't feel like a plant.
Chill, we'll see.
*Bro! Police!*
Is this the age to race?
Do you have your licence?
What's that in your hand?
Mistletoe, sir.
Mistletoe, sir.
Give that.
I thought you were a bunch of kids racing in traffic..
.. but you're all criminals!
It's just a plant, sir.
Even marijuana (ganja) is a plant!
Sir, sir, I don't even know these guys!
Sir, I had nothing to do with this, sir!
I just tagged along with him!
Sir, I swear I didn't know that it was ganja.
Give us one chance, sir. We'll get the real culprit.
What do you want now?!
How many times will you come here in a day?!
Sir, the plant I asked for is not this one.
Not this? What?
It's something else, sir.
This isn't what we'd asked for.
Look. All I deal is this ganja.
I don't do all that powder shit. Okay?
Well, it was a mishap..
But if i catch you on a violation another time!
This is the money you'd given him, right?
You deserve this man!
If it's Christmas, get her a damn gift or a bouquet!
Not some random crazy crap!
Chuck it. Just go meet her tomorrow.
What happened to you?
Nothing. It's a long story.
Wait. I'll get you something to drink.
Sir, courier.
Thank you, sir.
Hey! How did you get this?
Why are you so excited?
This thing! This mistletoe!
Where should I hang it?
.. Fortune does favour the bold.