2012 Begins With a Miracle!

Uploaded by NewBirthMBC1 on 01.01.2012

Ah young lady, young lady yep, yep, yep, yep. You working? You working? You have a job?
You don't have a job? How long you been out of work? 2 years? what where you doing? Background
in marketing? Where do you live? Lithonia you renting? You living with your family?
[cheers & applause] Look at me, that was last year.
Ah come here Winfrey. Where's Deacon Stanback? Huh where's assistant chairman? [pause cheers]
you slaped a dollar on the altar and Gods says I'm going to show you what a dollar will
do for you when it comes from your heart when it comes from your spirit. There is somebody
in here I don't want no pyramid I'm talking about sho nuff, sho nuff. There's somebody
in here she has marketing experience and all that that can hire her. I'm declaring before
she leaves here today[applause] and I need somebody stepping forward right now somebody
that has the ability to hire I declare that you come out from the pew right now we going
to change her destiny right now, right now, right now, right now, right now, right now
I have the ability to hire I'm coming forward. Come one, come on, come on, I need somebody
praising the Lord at this moment I want to just make sure I'm hearing because we'll make
sure something gets done. Please hear this and we'll wait for just a moment I need somebody
who has the decision power to hire this, I just need to get her a job cause she got to
have a job for her house.[applause] I need somebody, she got a have a job. I need somebody
whether she's just opening mail right now, I, she gotta have a job. Somebody who can
hire her right now, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody,somebody who can hire her.
Can you do that? Alright now [applause]. Can I ask y'all a favor cause I need your permission?
What you just sowed on this altar can we put this away for her down payment? Now what ever
this is Ima match it. Before 2012 is up she goin be in her own house working. I'm trying
to finish a message but I, the Lord interuppted this just for a supernatural I don't know who she is
I just know that I'm supposed to do but I'm supposed to. Oh somebody praise the Lord right quick
somebody praise Him. This is why New Birth stays alive this is who we are, this is what
we do. Come on deacons bring those baskets come on, come on, come on.
Play me something that celebrates very quick.