Sims 3 Machinima - "Leena From Nowhere" (Эпизод 1)

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Episode 1
Emerald City
"Emerald Daily"
Homeless: "I saw Pinocchio!" They exist?
Columnist: Max Webbers II
Mayoral elections. George Grunter: "Have a Good Time!"
"Who's digging up on Major Grunter? Sensational investigation."
Columnist: Max Webbers II
"Emerald Daily"
Department of Homeland Security. Search options
Name: Sasha | Last name: Palmer Birth date: 15.07.1996 | Birthplace: Emerald City Case №: 103-56924 Show results within 24 hours
System of Intelligent Monitoring
Sasha Palmer. Missing. 2001.
1 match was found
Source: The newspaper "Emerald Daily" 15.07.2011
"Palmer family case. New circumstances."
"10 years ago..." "...was found no signs of life Harold Palmer..."
"...cause of death has not been established..." "...was a lone parent raising two daughters."
...complete disappearance of Harold Palmer's daughters, 15-year-old Lina and 5-year-old Sasha."
...recently there was new information in this case..." " our next issue."
Columnist: Max Webbers II
"Your computer is hacked"
Got the wind-up?
Who is it?!
I need your help.
I'll call the police!
Do not worry, I'm not a criminal.
Sunny Street, 12-6. Tomorrow night.
I'll be waiting.
Yea! In your dreams, buddy!
Who are you?