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Uploaded by KSLottery on 13.05.2011

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Good evening. Welcome to the first lottery news show.
Uh, John.
Yes Max.
The camera is up here and we only have one.
Also, I wouldn't say evening because...
Welcome to the first lottery news show.
Welcome to the first lottery news show.
We're going to give you the latest in lottery news for the month of May, 2011.
That's right John.
So first... Good evening, Max.

Good evening John.
First up, hey could you move the camera because I want to do a dramatic turn..
Yes I can, Max.
Summer's almost here and that means two things, akward pool parties and Riverfest.
This year's the 40th anniversary of Wichita Riverfest and we're celebrating with a $40K giveaway
on the Riverfest Riches scratch ticket
Be sure to mail in your non-winning tickets and you may be the one to win $40K
At the drawing on June 11.
And be sure to check out Riverfest from June 3-11, there will be all type of things there.
Balloon, rivers, there will be food, the Kansas Lottery will be there, nachos..
As you may already know the Kansas Lottery is giving away a 2011 Ford GT Mustang
With our Power Play to Kansas Speedway promotion.
That will be an actual Pace Car used at the Kansas Speedway during NASCAR events this year.
What you may not know is we have a current ticket called Muscle Car Money
Where you can win in a second chance drawing a 2011 Chevy Camaro.
And finally we'd like to wrap up our first show with sports.
Currently in the Kansas Lottery staff slam-dunk contest
I'm in the lead with one.. BOOM
Let's watch the replay.
That felt good.
You texted me? He texted me from the air!
Man that was nice.
It's all tied up, Max and I feel pretty good.
Boom goes the dynamite
Oh my gosh!
Where did that come from? Let's watch the replay.
Wow.What an exciting episode.
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And the Kansas Lottery is on Facebook and Twitter so join us for contests and promotions.
I'm John Bradenburg.
I'm Max Kreutzer and remember out with the old and in with the news.
You really need to work on that line.
Okay uh, that's what's happenning.
Music plays out.