The American President (1/9) Movie CLIP - Chief Executive of Fantasy Land (1995) HD

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I know the proposal only scratches the surface,
But it's the least we can do.
We'll let harold take a look at this.
We'll revisit it.
Jerry, say hello to linda for me.
If we don't see you before thanksgiving,
Have a good holiday.
Thank you, mr. President.
So, how are we doing?
You're running 4 minutes ahead of schedule.
Ahead? Yes, sir.
Gee, that's unprecedented.
I don't know what to do with myself.
Mr. Macinerny asked me to remind you
To pop in on the--
Oh, right, the gdc meeting. Yeah.
Rest assured, your concerns
Are not falling on deaf ears.
The environmental lobby
Has known no greater ally in the white house
Than president shepherd.
Hardly an impressive distinction, a.J.
Sydney, we should leave mr. Macinerny alone now.
He's already given us more time--
Mr. Macinerny doesn't want us to leave him alone
Because mr. Macinerny's not yet done
What he needs to do today.
Susan: Sir, uh, ms. Wade's been thrown into the deep end
Of the pool on her first day.
She hasn't even had a chance to read the report
Of the quebec conference.
You're right. I haven't read it.
If someone had asked me yesterday,
I would have told them that the quebec conference
Was made up of 6 professional hockey teams.
But what I do know is that it's time for the president
To run for president again.
Leon kodak is as good as it gets
When it comes to electoral strategy,
And I'm certain he's told the president
Exactly what I'd tell him.
You got to nail down michigan and california
Where they make cars and airplanes
And they burn plenty of fossil fuels,
But if I'd read these 800 pages, I would have discovered
That it's the burning of fossil fuels
Which is mostly responsible for global warming
And that the 20% reduction recommended by the gdc
Is a necessary first step toward arresting
The catastrophic greenhouse effect
Which has gone unchecked by this administration.
It's really time for us--
Susan, I promise you, the white house chief of staff
Will not let us leave here until he's broken the bad news.
I'm afraid sydney's right,
Although not about michigan and california.
The president has asked me to convey to you
That he's sending his energy bill to the floor
With a call for a 10% reduction.
The president is willing to go it alone on this,
But he's asking for, and frankly,
He's expecting the full support of the gdc.
The president's expecting our full support?
Yes, he is, sydney.
The president's dreaming, a.J.
The president has critically misjudged reality.
If he honestly thinks that the environmental community
Is going to whistle a happy tune
While rallying support around this pitifully lame mockery
Of environmental leadership just because he's a nice guy
And he's done better than his predecessors,
Then your boss is the chief executive of fantasy land.
Let's take him out back and beat the shit out of him.
Good morning. How are you today?
Couldn't be better. My apologies for the interruption.
A.J. Suggested I come by and say hello.
You wouldn't be sydney ellen wade
By any chance, would you?
Mr. President, I'm, uh... Don't know what to say.
I'm speechless.
All evidence to the contrary.
We haven't met. I'm susan sloan.