Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Episode 6

Uploaded by DanceOn on 03.05.2012


D-TRIX: Welcome, y'all--

--to the dance showdown.

D-TRIX: What's up, y'all?
It's your boy, D-Trix, with a very special
episode of Dance Showdown.
Right now, the final four YouTube stars are working hard
on their dance routines.
You'll get to check out their round two of
rehearsals next week.
But before we get into that, I want to show you guys some of
my favorite moments of Dance Showdown so far.
First up, some never before seen footage of
bloopers and outtakes.
-Just cause you're gay, Kingsley, you can still be
turned on by women.
Oh, I feel it.

-OK, this is awkward.
-At first, when I saw the hot 22-year-old girl who burps
like a truck driver, it caught me off guard.
-But after the fourth or fifth one, you
recognize, you know what?
This is just how she rolls.
-I mean, I'm totally--
-That was an incredibly close call.
-I guess I was referring to like--
-Did he poop again?
-Hey, thanks to the dance competition for bringing us to
some of the shadiest locations.
There are wild animals flying around in here, just [BLEEP]
-Crapping on me.
-Bird doo doo.
I got some bird doo doo on me.
-Nick got pooped on.
-What would have happened if Nick was doing his thing, and
he slipped in the poop and cracked his neck?
-Ooh, have you guys looked into skid row yet?
That'd be a great place to go.
Can we get tickets to Baghdad?
We can probably shoot an awesome dance competition
there, too.

-Do I look fat?
Oh, I'm not supposed to be talking to you?
-Can I get one last hug, Kherington?
-My dreams come true.
-Oh, you have red lips all over you.
-I do?
That's all right.
And we'll go.
-I totally just farted.
I did.

-All right, guys.
Final test for the preshow.
-OK, good to go.
Thank you.
-No problem.
D-TRIX: I think it's amazing.
I think it's super hilarious, funny, entertaining that you
have all of these YouTubers gathered
together on this one show.
I want to show you guys some of these YouTube stars when
they first met because that [BLEEP]
is bizarre.

-You gotta be like, yeah.
I can't do your voice.
-Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
-Everything the light touches--
-What is your channel name?
-Do you do stuff with MAC products?
-My name had nothing to do with MAC.
-Do you do stuff with macaroni?
I'm a beauty.
-You ever been to CPK downtown?
California Pizza Kitchen?
-Oh, I know where that is, but, no,
I've never been there.
-You gotta try it.
-It's this really good pizza place.
-Why, you guys work there, or what?
-Do you know-- do you know anyone who does?
-We're always asking if anybody knows somebody who
works there so we can get hooked up.
Once again.
You're a big hugger.
I like it.
Just hug-- oh, OK.
-Just hug.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Say bye to my subbies.
-Bye, subbies.
-Bye, subbies.
Thank you so-- wait.
Can I do it again?
Bye sup-- dangit!
Bye, subbies.
Thank you for watching.
Bye, subbies--
I can't say that part.
Bye subbie-bubbies, thank you for watching.
-There you go.
-You've been here since 8:00, right?
How did you get the afternoon spot?
That's what I want to know.
Don't you have to [BLEEP]
someone around here to get the afternoon time slot.
-I gave [BLEEP]
to a lot of people.
You do what you have to do.
It was nice meeting you.
-Yeah, you too, [BLEEP].
-I'll see you in the next round.
-Fingers crossed.
-Yeah, for sure.
-Bye, thank you.
D-TRIX: Now, dancing isn't all fun and games.
Sometimes people can get hurt.
I'm friggin' serious, y'all.
gets crazy.
Did you see what I did to the lamp?
killed the lamp.

-We're good.
-Yeah, that's good.
-Five, six.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you OK?
I'm sorry.
There was a rumor going around that I kneed
Brian in the face.
And while it's true, it wasn't malicious.
I just wanted him to get out of my way.
Man down.
-I'm bleeding.
I'm bleeding.
A scratch.
-You did it yourself.
-You scratched the heck out of me.
Cut your fingernails.
-Drama queen.

-I landed on my dingie.
-And when you jump up and you land, I said I
needed tighter underwear.
-I did jump up and I landed on my [HONK].
-We were crapping in our pants.
-We need to get dance belts if we're going to contin--
is it OK?
-It is weird right now.
D-TRIX: I have to say my favorite part about the show,
to me, would have to be definitely when people were
really trying to actually dance.
And you know what the show really needs?
-Oh my Jesus.
D-TRIX: That's it for this week.
Make sure you check out next week for the final four's
brand new rehearsals.
All right, y'all.
And make sure you subscribe.
Excuse me.