KAITO - Heartbeat Clocktower [Clockwork Lullaby 4] PV (English Subs)

Uploaded by ghostsubs on 24.06.2010

The sound of the clock tower's gears
That is the proof that she is alive
So that this second hand does not stop
Watching over it is "my" role
The previous master, personification of greed
My personal sin, some day
That I was destroying my own body,
Why could I not notice it sooner?
Even now the ugly burn scars that remain on half of her body
They engrave those two's memories
Today again, I was lost
Pitiful visitors who know nothing
They too will soon likely be placed in the stomach of the "Master of the Cemetery"
"That girl", with the pretension of the leading role
Selfishly deep in concentration as always
The loneliness of having failed her "accomplice"
While that resided on her face a little
The isolated man, on the verge of death, created it
The tiny cinema, deep within the forest
At that forgotten behind time, it rang out
The clockwork lullaby
"Blood-stained scissors"
"Violet katana"
The days that they, who have not awoken, carry
When the entire song has been recited
It appears utopia will be complete
The stopping of the clock's hand
Means the end of the girl herself
The rusted and chipped gears
The remaining time is not long
The isolated man, on the verge of death, constructed it
The tiny cinema, deep within the forest
He who works as the proprietor, that which he loved most
"Clockwork Doll"
Resolution decided
I, into my own left breast
Gently place my hand, and reached deep inside...
My spring, with the gears of the clocktower
Resound together, And the tale that starts anew
So that the clock's hands do not stop, that they continue to spin around,
Is my role