Unboxing Logik USB Hub & SanDisk Pen Drive

Uploaded by Futureslay on 18.05.2012

Hey, Youtube. I'm gonna do an unboxing, review, setup
or: unboxing, setup, review. Whichever way round it needs to be.
Um, of a couple of products which I have.
Uh.. Which normally wouldn't require anything like this.
But I figured it was high time for me to do something like this.
So, the products that I have are a SanDisk USB
and also a Logik
4 port USB hub, which is giving me some quite nasty reflections.
So, yeah. We've got those two and
we're gonna go through, do an unboxing, setup, review.
And. Uh.. We'll see how it goes.
Okay then, so we're gonna go on with the unboxing. We have, obviously, like I said,
the SanDisk USB and the Logik 4 port USB hub, which I'm gonna start with.
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this is the mains adaptor which
so sick of since it will be devoted to power
which is nice
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so yeah that's it
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uh... brea california very very nice
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