El-Gezira/ The Island/ الجزيرة *eng sub*

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Special thanks to the general administration of media and relations- the ministy of internal affairs for the effort that they gave for the film to be produced the right way.
Special thanks for the high council of monuments Dr. Zahy Hawas
Art group Alnasr, Oscar, and Almasa With Aladl group Present
Excuted by SherifArafa films
Ahmed Elsaqqa
The Island Inspired from a true stoy.
Great actor Mahmoud Yaseen.
Hen Saby.
Khaled Elsany.
Mahmoud Abd-elmoughny.
With the star Zena.
Basem Samra.
Aser Yaseen.
Ahraf Meselhy Nedal Elshafee
Capable actor Abd-elrahman Abozahra.
Guest of honor Ezzat Abo-ouf.
Mohie- Eldeen Abd-Elmohsen, Saeed Elsaleh, Faeq Azab, Nasr Shaheen, Abd- Elreheem Eltanneer.
Asistant director Ahmed Eldeeb.
Executive producer Esam Saber.
lnternational distribution Alnasr - Oscar - Almasa.
Customs designing Nahed Nasr-Allah.
Mohmoud Abo-elsaad.
ecor engineer and scenes organizer Fawy Elawamy.
Montge Dalia Elnaser.
Music Omar Khairat.
Technical montage Aiman Elmasy.
Shooting director Aiman Abo-elmakarem.
Authored by Mohamed Diab.
Produced by Mohamed Ramy.
Directed by SheriefArafa.
The Island 1 977.
You know that l don't smoke when l am at work.
lt's work too. We should ty the merchandise before we sell it.
-So what do you think. -God bless the one who bought and the one who prepared.
Go check on your wife.
Didn't you say that she might give birth tonight?
-Maybe. -Are you afraid that we might betray you?
One should always be cautious.
lf any one of us betrays the others, he shouldn't be killed alone, he should be killed with his whole famiIy.
Stop right there.
Who are you, boy?
Lower your weapon.
This is Hasan. My little brother.
Your wife is giving birth.
Tell her to hold it she is still in the seventh month.
-Like if she can do anything about it. -Get up and check on your wife, Ali.
lfyou managed to come back before 1 2 it's ok, but ifyou couldn't we can handle it.
-Don't wory about your share. -We will meet here aRemards.
Faith, Ali.
Faith, men.
Let's go, Hasan.
Get in.
Subtitled at Lord Cinema production Iaboratories.
Translator Mutaz Mohamed Gobara
Drop your weapon.
Freeze. Drop your weapon.
Drop it.
A boy. It's a boy, brother.
l can hear him. He is cying.
Yes, brother. He isn't mute like his brother.
He will be Mansour. Victorious, god welling.
Cairo 2007.
An anonymous group stops upper Egypt train. An unprecedented incident. A mob stops the train.
What is that train's matter?
Our information, mister minister says that there isn't any terrorist activity behind that issue.
-So what is it? -The investigation bureau, general security and security of state reports...
Stated that it was a personal problem between two families and we have no evidence to direct any charge to anybody.
We must send somebody there.
This isn't a small incident. The one who did that is fearless.
Today he stopped a train. Tomorrow he will burn the county.
My team and me are ready to move at your orders, sir.
No, l don't want to make a scene.
Maybe you want somebody who fIy's below the radar. A low rank. Somebody who has never senred in upper Egypt before.
Am l right, sir?
Right, but who?
Amany, how is dad?
He kept asking about you all night.
As long as you managed to get the newspaper, why have you been asking about me?
l wanted you to bring me cigarettes.
__fl__g_g _b_
Lunge cancer.
So what they have been warning us from has already occurred, so it doesn't make sense to quit now.
You can drink water, and medicines, but no cigarettes. Read the newspaper before Amany comes and takes it from you.
Amany never listens to me.
Have you heard about the upper Egypt train incident?
Newspapers again, dad. Darling you should be resting. No newspapers or any kind of stress.
No newspapers, no cigarettes, and no food. Why don't you just strangle me so l rest for eternity.
God forbid, dear. Tariq, please take the newspaper.
Read so when you be asked you have knowledge.
The ministy is vey concerned about the south for the coming period.
But role will l do there? l have never served in Upper Egypt before.
This is exactly what we want.
This way you can search and investigate taking advantage of that.
So the train incident appears to be a small issue and the investigation about it appears to be closed.
We have allot of names and allot of possibilities.
But we must move before a new monster appears.
__________ ___
And that is your role.
Security department of one of Upper Egypt's Provinces.
-lfyou liked it here, after you finish your mission l will get your transferred to y department. -Oh realIy? So we can live the same old film again.
So instead of saying he is supported by his general father, they will say he is supported by his colonel brother in law.
Do you think they haven't said that about me evey time l got promoted? He is being promoted as a favor for his father in law and all that nonsense.
But l have never cared about it.
l know who am l, and l do, so l don't care about what they say.
-Good morning. -Good morning, sir.
So what's new?
There have been some trouble in Ezbet Abo- Khedr.
-Bring coffee. -Yes, sir.
-A new day. -But the investigations say that they will hold a meeting.
So Mansour interfered, right?
Yes, sir.
-Ok, go on with your duties. -Yes, sir.
M U_g_ _ ___ _Q __
Yes, sir.
So, who is that Mansour?
Don't your orders say you shouldn't have any information from the department?
l am not taking information from you. l iust want to know your opinion about him.
So you want...
What is it?
You do something about it, Ahmed. You don't need to consult me about evey small issue.
Take your investigations assistant and arrest Maree's son.
No one else would do that.
Do what l told you.
No, don't wory. Bye.
-The general security must has sent a report about him to the ministy. Isn't that right? -Not onIy the general security.
Also the security of state, and some other inoficial sources.
And of course they all said that Mansour Elhefny is the primey suspect of the train incident, but there isn't any evidence on him.
Come in.
How are you, Mahmoud.
And you are telling me now, Mahmoud? How come?
-You send Husain not Ali. Do you understand? -Yes, sir.
The governor's guards alone aren't enough of COUrSe .
______U___0 _n
l will call you back.
Do you want my opinion as a brother or as somebody from the ministy coming to investigate?
-Does it make any difference? -lt makes a big difference.
-Rushdy, please don't play games with me. -Alright.
The official talk is iust what we sent to the ministy.
There isn't any evidence against him.
But between you and me, no illegal activity happens here with out Mansour Elhefny behind it.
But can you prove anything?
The problem is that anybody that you ask around here will tell you the same.
-Water? -No, thanks.
So open an investigation and interrogate.
l don't know, l have no idea, God knows, sir.
So that's how it goes?
You haven't seen anything yet.
We are suffering here, son.
-Good morning. -Good morning.
So how did your daughter do?
-She gave birth to a boy. -Congratulations, so now you are a grandfather, old man.
Rushdy, l don't care about the official speech.
l want to know eveything that the people say about him.
Or even about others.
Ok, so you visit the island tomorrow and l will send Awad with you. This man is from this village and he knows it vey well.
lfyou went alone, nobody will even talk to you.
Awad, Mr. Tareq is my wife's brother. Take care of him.
Welcome, sir.
l would cruise the entire province with you.
l am onIy concerned about the island.
At your service, dear son of the dear.
Ok, Mr. Awad.
Where are we going to start?
Where are we going to start?
From the high ground. There you can see the entire village.
Why do they call it the island even though it's not an island? It's between the river and the mountain.
Maybe it's not surrounded by water but it's surrounded by it's inhabitants.
lt is the smallest place in the province and the toughest.
lt's secrets are never revealed.
And no stranger can live in it.
There are three big families in here.
Mansour Hifny's famiIy. The master of the island.
_ _ Q _fl_ _ _ Q_ __ g
Which was abandoned after the revolution. And this is the onIy place that you can't see from here.
The second famiIy is the Rahaimas.
And they are almost done.
OnIy their women are leR and the rest have abandoned the village.
And in this side the Nagaihas. They took half the houses in the mountain.
The rest of the mountain houses are inhabited by poor people who live at the revenues of that land over there.
Which is owned by Mansour.
Peace upon you.
-Mr. Awad l want to ask some people... -Don't wory.
-My orders are... -What is this?
This is real ammunition.
-Yes. -Yes?
You are playing with live ammunition. It can hurt you.
They can field strip and reassemble the seasons better than our best soldiers.
-Field strop weapons? -Come. Come.
You remind me with Mr. Rushdy when he first arrived. He was just like you.
-Madam, the gentleman wants to ask you about Mansour Elhefny. -He employees the entire village.
They are murderers.
A great man.
A criminal.
l don't know.
Our boss.
He finances my brother's education. Since y father went to prison we have been totalIy dependant on him.
l wish eveybody becomes a drug dealer if they will be like him.
But isn't he a drug dealer?
What drugs? He just plants opium.
And it's vey cheap.
No, sir. We can't go any where near these people.
What are you saying? And why are they armed?
They are Mansoures men, and their weapons are registered.
But why are they standing in front ofthe Nagaihas' door?
This is an old stoy, sir.
-Does it has to do with Mansour? -lt has to do with the whole village.
Mr. Awad how does Mansour treat the Nagaihas' women?
Mansour doesn't differentiate between men and women.
But this is Kareema.
Mansour. Mansour Ali Elhefny.
l was told that you have been asking about me all around the village.
l thought maybe you want something with me.
No, Mansour. If l want you l will visit you.
l would be honored.
And you would have a guest reception.
Do your guests arrive suddenly like this?
Our guests are safe for 3 days.
During which nobody asks him about anything.
-So do you intend to stay here for 3 dates? -l am not a guest.
l own the place. These are y numbers.
lfyou need something one you got sick of people's liar, call me.
So are you the one who will tell me the truth, Mansour?
ln our world nobody tells the truth to strangers. It stays buried inside us.
Because even if they tell him he won'tunderstand it.
Because he isn't like us. He is a stranger, sir.
l am not a guest, Mansour. l am here to stay.
So l don't need your 3 days.
And l hope to find you easily when l want you.
ln our world when children play police and thieves, it's the police that hides.
Peace upon you.
You honored us, gentlemen.
Welcome, Mansour. You have been away for too long.
_gfl_ _x _ U___ U _ ___
-How are my parents? -Waiting for you, and not only them, the whole village.
-The island 10 years ago. -lts the feast. Mery feast to you.
The army thunder bolts corps exercises are vey tough.
lt made your brother so strong.
l have no idea how do you both communicate.
What is the matter. Is there a war or what?
Awar between the government and the terrorists.
Evey time they kills someone, they hide in the sugarcane fields.
-Move. -Peace upon you, sir.
Peace upon you, sir.
He hasn't arrived yet.
-l miss him so much. -Does he love you as much as you love him?
He says he does.
l wish l meet someone like him. Some one who says. Not someone who is as stiff as the mountains rocks thinking that is manhood.
Listen, do you wish to mary one of y brothers?
No, they look scay.
-Help me, Hosnia. -Let me help you, auntie.
-Do you see how beautiful are the Rahaimas' and the Nagaihas' daughter? -They are so beautiful.
-You made our daughters look so ugIy. -Thankyou, auntie.
-l hope Mansour arrives safely, auntie. -l hope so.
-Father. -My son.
-l missed you so much, father. -l missed you too son.
-The people are waiting for the last buffalo, but l insisted that nobody will slaughter it but you. -Let me slaughter it.
Here he comes.
l have banned retaliation killings in the island for 20 years.
l don't want to give the government a pretext to get inside our village.
-But, boss... -Have you lost your mind?
Are you objecting?
Listen, ifyou do anything you will have enmity with Hifny's sons.
And let's see how are you going to retaliate then.
You will be payed blood money.
And he will come to your place carying his coffin.
Now wait outside.
l want you to give eveybody what ever they want. Food, drink, hash, opium. Anything.
The Island must remember this day.
lf anyone of the village's people wants anything, just give it to them.
But you keep them there and the principals here so they don't annoy them.
-What ever you say. -Move.
-Ebeed. -Abo-taleb's blood money is half ofyour land.
And you will go to their place carying your coffin.
Half of his land is too much, boss.
What did he do anyway? He iust killed SOMeOne.
__U_0_ _ U____ _ __fl
How can l live among he people after that, boss?
You will cary your coffin or you will be carried inside it.
____ _fl__ U_g_ _ __gfl
Did you give her my letter?
You fox, you also taught her to say l love you in sign language?
lf my father asks about me tell him that l am changing my cloths.
l am going. What are you going to tell him?
l am going.
-l am going, ok? -Ok.
Say something.
Are you too shy to say it, that why you said it in sign language?
-Don't be shapr tongued -Who is sharp tongued?
-You are sharp tongued ,Kareema. -What?
Listen, l am the girl among my two brothers and y fathers says that l am the strongest of them.
So there are no men in your family.
l have always said that Nagaihas' are all WOMen .
Let go y hand.
-Let go me. -Ok, l will let you go.
All ofyour family are men, and you are the strongest of them.
lfyou hit me one day l cut your arm off.
You are cray.
Ok, don't get mad.
Enough. l can't stand your anger.
l swear to god, when you sulk, the whole world seems gloomy to me.
Believe me...
l used to remember your smile a hundred times eveyday.
Do you think that l was happy.
l was suffering because l missed you and l had to hide it.
Tell me this sweet words again while you are Iooking in y eyes.
No l can't.
-Wm? -When l look in your eyes l freeze.
l sear l love you so much.
Don't leave me again, Mansour.
l will never leave you, Kareema. l can't live with out you.
l will never leave you again.
l will make y father ask your father for your hand for me. And you will be my wife.
My wife, Karima.
Do you know what does my wife mean?
Kareema, l...
-What is it? -Are you going to act strong again?
Let go me.
Come back.
l am talking to you.
Mr. Kamel Elnaggar.
-Peace upon you. -Peace upon you.
Welcome, Mr. Kamel.
Welcome, mister senator. You haven't paid us a visit in four years.
Welcome, Mansour.
Mr. Kamel has iust returned from Hamdan's place.
They have evey right to be sour at you. You used to sell them opuim at 1 million per ton, but now you want 1 and a half millions.
So what are they going to profit from it?
lt's not our problem what are they going to profit.
-Behave your self. -We can't keep selling at low prices for ever.
The small must grow up.
lt's non of y business. l don't want trouble in the county, boss.
How much do they want to pay?
A million.
A million? No way.
Aton of opium is worth 2 or 3 millions.
-But we accept. -How come we accept, boss?
-lt's too little. -We better toss the opium in the river.
Drop your voice, and do what l say.
Because it's for your own benefit.
For years we have taught them to depend on US .
We sell it to them even cheaper than the hanrest.
A season or 2 later their land will be spoiled and then we can sell at the price that we wish.
Ok, Mr. Kamel? Our appointment will be Saturday?
And tell Hamdan that the island's boss will be their.
-Well you go yourself, brother? -The boss will go.
Mansour y son.
Mansour, the island's boss?
-He has never even shot anybody. -The boss, he said.
-Who's boss? -What do you have to do with men's talk, girl?
Mansour the school boy is the boss? How COMe .
Move, girl.
The people are waiting for the boss to play.
Don't wory, Fadl.
-Why are you taking it to seriousIy, uncle? -Fight, boss.
Stop it, uncle.
Enough, Eveyone go home now. Mery feast to you all.
Do you know how much l love you or don't you?
Sure brother l know.
You are y son.
l raised you.
Sit down.
Sit down, boy.
l hope you don't think that l want to give the Ieadership to y son Mansour after l am gone.
You should have told me earlier.
l am concerned about him. It's not his profession.
All eyes will be on him.
Too many people are plotting against us.
-lf you were y son and Mansour was my brother still l would have assigned him. -wm?
What should l do then?
You and me are the alike.
We are illiterate.
Life made us strong.
But unfortunateIy life doesn't teach evemhing.
You are strong as a bull, l want to know how did he embarrass you at the wand fighting?
He iumped, broke the lamp and made you Iook up, then he stroke you.
He used this.
lt opens the minds.
Why do you think l sent him to school.
l want you to be at Mansour's shoulder.
Together you continue what l made.
And the land becomes 2 lands.
Since you were a child, l have been preparing you to be the boss.
l taught you from the stick to the rifle.
And l sent you to schools.
_U_g_ _ ____fl _ _____fl
But l know that you can do it.
May you live long, father.
l am able to do it as long as you are with me.
No son, the boss should be independent.
l thought you said that you want me to be the boss to provoke the Nagaihas.
Son it's not me who want you to be the boss.
You are meant to be the boss.
l am dying, Mansour.
What do you mean you are daying?
l am dying iust as people die. l am sick and nobody can do anything about it?
And vey soon l sill cease breathing, then you will dig a hole in the ground and put me in it.
l will take you to see a doctor, our take you for treatment abroad.
When a man like me says it's over, that means it's over.
There is nothing to be done.
Nobody wants to live more than l do.
People like us can onIy see heaven in the first life.
The coming life will be agony.
lf l could delay it l would have.
The boss shouldn't love anyone or anything as much as to cy over it.
You must be like this Island.
The nearst person to you should be on the other bank.
l don't have much time leR.
That's why l gave everthing while l am still alive.
Because the villains around us will want a peace ofyou.
You can't afford to fall, Mansour.
ln our game the one who falls never riases again.
l build a mosque for you, the biggest mosque in the whole county.
l will do pilligram in you behalf. Twice.
-Do you think if god sees that we are wrong deors, he will be decieved by that? -What do you mean?
-So god would never mercy us? -Why not?
Who said that we did something wrong?
So we sell opuim? The governemt sells it in pharmacies and hospitals.
But when we sell it, they call us drug dealers. How come?
lfyou sell a peace ofweapon, they call you a criminal, but ifyou sell a thousand that means you are a minister.
Eveyone has his own law, Mansour, and the strongest is the most correct.
Eveyone will fear and respect him.
You must be the strongest to always be correct.
Welcome, boss. Or maybe l should say Mr. Mansour.
-How much is this. -Your father could have known how much it was at the first look.
That was in the past, Hemdan. Now the boss must be an edcated man.
There is even more to be seen.
Stay where you are. Drop your weapon.
-Get down. Tie them down.
l won'tlet you go with this, bastards.
Why didn't you secure the road, boss.
He is still learning.
l have nothing to do with that boss job.
No body, moves.
Take the money. Let's go.
The boss ran away.
The coward.
Our money is gone.
l swear to retaliate, sons of Hefny.
Oh, shame.
l have no idea how did that happen. l hired some pariahs and they took too much money.
Anywayd, father it's over. Fortuantly nobody knew anything.
Why do you think that they don't kow about it. Why did they invite us to their house tonight then?
Let's hope it ends safeIy.
-Maybe they will ask for Kareema's hand. -He will not mary my sister.
-Over my dead body, father. -Let's see if they are going to ask for her hand.
Then we shall think about it.
What happened in the last operation, shows that there are alot of issues.
And shows that there is a traitor.
And shows that there is a boss.
Who was borne as a monster.
He can kill any dog with his fangs.
We will not search for the traitor.
lt's not the time for that now.
l gathered you today, men and women, to give loyality to the boss.
My son Mansour. You will listen to him and obey him.
What do you say, Rahaimas' boss.
l give you loyalty.
What do you say, Nagaihas' boss.
This is what l thought.
You have never pure hearted, Haridy.
My words are over.
Those you give loyalty will be among us, and they will have our protection.
And those who wont, they have nothing to do with us. They should market their merchandise on their own, and without our protection.
And iust like our relegion and our costumes say, l must mary.
Tonight l am ask for Faiga's hand. The Rahaima's boss's daughter.
To be my wife before god and men.
Kareema, wait.
lt was y father who choose.
l can't oppose him.
l love you.
And l will always love you.
Are you tying to make me happy or to give me solace?
-l know about it, Mansour. -You know about what?
l no that you don't love me.
And that we got married for that sake of our families.
But l have always loved you.
Mansour, If l died right now, l will die happy.
Do you know why? Because you are here with me.
You have been y evey night's dream, And evey morning when l woke up l prayed to god to make it true.
Believe me, when you see how much l love you , you will love me back. You will love me so much.
Mansour, Mansour.
lt's a boy. It's a boy, Mansour.
Congratulations, nephew.
A boy, Uncle.
A boy. Ali.
Little Ali, father.
Oh, son.
l missed you.
l have been waiting for you for too long.
Tell him that l loved him. Train him and educate him, Mansour.
Teach him, like l taught you.
So that when you, be in y position and depart the world, you shall be content.
Just like l am content now.
He looks like his father.
You were y dearest friend.
Remorse is tormenting me.
l couldn't say no to him.
And he couldn't say no.
And if he wants to mary you, no one can say no to him.
Don't wory. l won'ttake a man from his wife and son.
Thank you for you visit and support.
Thank you for you sympathy.
-Non ofthe Nagaihas came. -When Mr. Kamel comes they will follow him like flies.
Oh my god.
lt's just a bullet in your arm.
Mansour, is Fadl ok?
l ran out of bullets.
Turn offthe lights, Hasan.
Help me get him out.
Hury, uncle.
-l don't a single one of them to get out of here alive. -Alright.
Drive on.
Attaking the women with guns, you dog.
Get out of y way, woman.
Mother, mother.
Where is the boy?
Where is the boy?
Open the door.
-Where is the child? -You won'ttouch him.
-Get out of my way. -No.
Hasan, stay here with Fadl. l will help the women in the house.
Don't wory, Mansour. Our son is fine.
l give him to the one that you love.
She is the onIy one who could run away with him.
l know that you love her.
And that you have never loved me.
Don't say that, Faiga.
We have no control over love, Mansour.
l didn't choose to love you.
And you didn't choose to love her.
l am not mad at you.
You are y wife and my child's mother. We will get you to a hospital and you will be alright, Then we will live together for the rest of our lives.
l wished to live with you for one night.
But l lived with you for a year.
And it was the happiest year of my life. l swear it was.
What l am sure about is that it was the happiest year of y life.
Take care of the child, Mansour.
Our son.
l will put it out in your eyes aRer l poke them, Mahmoud.
Yester your words were scay, but today they are funny.
-l will kill you. l will kill you, Mahmoud. -Hasan.
Enough, Hasan.
Mr. Mansour.
Mr. Mansour who doesn't like to wear galbias like his own people is calming him down.
Maybe if he saw his mother cying when l shot her, or his wife when l cut her in half...
Maybe he would have turned into a man.
l swear to god l will make them cy over you. Not just because l will kill you, but also because they won'tfind your grave.
Aren't you going to lay low, Mansour?
-They started it, mister officer. -l don't need your trouble.
Aren't the terrorists who killed the tourists and still on the run enough trouble for me?
Aren't the terrorists who killed the tourists and still on the run enough trouble for me?
Listen if l got sick ofyou l will liquidize you, y self.
l am talking to you becuase your now the Hifny's chief.
Forget about retaliation and all that nonsense.
Put the shackles back on y hands, there isn't much to be said bemeen us.
lfyou want to kill me, it's ok.
l'd rather die if l am not going to retaliate.
Take me back to y cell.
_g_____g___ ____
l will release you on your own.
As long as you don't want to cooperate, l will Iet the Nagaihas kill you. They will all be released together.
You even refuse to accuse them with murder.
Connect me with the general prosecutor's office.
Hasan Mahmoud Elhefny is to be transferred to the criminal court in the charge of possessing an unregistered weapon
Mahmoud Ali Nageh and Mansour Ali Hefny are to be released from the general prosecutor's office.
Under guarantee oftheir place of living.
For the lack of evidence.
Why are you here? They are searching for you, ifthey see you they will kill you.
-Where is the child? -Don't wory he is safe.
Safe at your house, Nagaihas' daughter?
l am Kareema, Mansour.
Your lover.
Did you forget?
Threre is no time for this.
-l want the boy. -He isn't in the house.
Nobody knows that he is with me. You don't need to wory l am taking care of him just like his mother used to.
Don't even mention his mother, Kareema.
l mean that l am taking good care of him.
Don't wory, father.
l will find Mansour and l will kill him.
-lf l kept away for away, can you keep him safe? -He is your son, Mansour.
Nobody can touch him as long as l am alive.
What did you do when they killed Faiga?
And y mother.
l swear to y father's grave l will not give them mercy.
Enough blood. Don't be like them.
Our blood is drained out.
The blood that's left is in your famiIy's.
Who are you talking to, girl?
Close the window, and get out ofthe room.
Listen to me carefulIy, Fadl.
Ali is with Kareema.
And l will disappear for a while then l will be back.
Keep an eye on the Nagaihas.
And on Kareema, but from a distance.
And if something happens to me, you take Ali and go away. Vey far away, Fadl.
Until he grows up and becomes strong, then he returns to retaliate for us.
Do you understand, Fadl?
Do you understand?
Don't wory about me.
Your brother is strong.
We finished the Hifnys and Mahmoud is the boss now.
l heard that he will come to live here at Mamsour's house.
When he comes to live here he will take us in with him.
Hold it right there.
Who are you?
l am Mansour.
Mansour Elhifny.
-Drop your weapon. -l am not coming with a hostile intention to bring a weapon with me.
lfyou have an hostile intention we kill you and eveybody else who is with you.
-l want to see chiefGomaa. -What for?
-Speak. -l won't say anything to anybody other than chief Gomaa.
What is the matter?
Who is this?
Mnsour, Ali Hifny's son.
So you came on your own feet, Mansour.
The Nagaiha's said that they will pay 100 thousand pounds for your head.
Aim the rifle to his chest so that when we send them his head they recognize it.
l don't know what should l be sad about more?
For the murder of y family or for y self as l am about to get killed for 100 thousand pounds?
Are you going to pay more?
What is the difference between 1 OO thousand pounds and 1 million?
You are in the mountain.
Let's kill him, Gomaa.
Should l shoot him in the mouth?
l am not here to offer you money.
l am offering you safety.
l am offering you a chance to go back to live in the island.
Like people.
You will be able to get married, to plant corpses; to do anything you might want.
Let me wory about how.
You speak well but eveybody speak well when there is a rifle on their heads.
Don't you think that l don't know about the 1 OO thousand pounds prize.
l am not wandering here, chief Gomaa.
Here are the hundred thousands.
lfyou want us to fight the Nagaihas with you, you should know that we will need allot of weapons, and we haven't got weapons.
Where can l get weapons from?
Terrorism mad the government emphasis on eliminating the weapon trading, so it's not sold any where in Egypt anymore.
But it can be bought from Sudan.
What do you want, man?
What do you think? l want weapon. l want to see chief Marghany.
Shut up don't talk too much.
Peace upon you.
How can l help you?
You can help me too much.
Are you ready, men?
There is a sound.
-Freeze. -Freeze where you are.
-Who are you? -You don't need to know, boy.
Our war is with the government. What do you have to do with us?
You say that to the press, not to me.
Aren't you a drug junkie, Weld Abo-lsmael?
ls hash taboo, or something?
No, god forbid. Tourists' killer.
-Death is better for them. -At least they had honorable death.
For the sake of enforcing god's laws,.
Enforcing god's law by killing tourists?
Killing the tourists is a way that gets us closer to the target.
Another word and l won't extradite you alive. Get up.
Get up.
This one is an extra.
Ok l will take him back.
No, no. Leave him.
We have allot of cases and we need suspects.
Wasn't he hiding? DefiniteIy, he did something.
Do you want to receive them at the mountain?
Why should we go back to the mountain?
To attack and fire some bullets, to make the stoy look real. Aren't they supposed to be hiding in the mountain?
Now they have been captured in the mountain.
So you got some weapons.
- l bought it from too far away.. -l don't want to know where did you get it.
________ _ _
So what do you want?
l want the good for the county.
And what's good for the county is that the Nagaihas disappear.
ExactIy, sir.
And you don't need to wory about that. Leave it to me.
What are you going to do?
Add that to the things that you would better not know, sir.
And those pariahs?
They will live in the island.
Terrorism isn't over yet, sir, and nobody can get the new criminals except the old criminals.
And you don't need to wory, sir. Those who experienced life on the mountain never wish to return to it again.
All the time he has been cying, like if he knows what happened.
He will cease cying when his mother's death has been avenged.
Retaliation has never made anyone cease cying, and it will not bring the lost back.
__ __0_______ _ā_ ____fl
Do you realIy believe that nonsense? Or you just want to retaliate because ifyou don't they won'tcall you a man.
lfyou were y wife l wouldn't let your murderers get away without penalty.
lf l was dead l wouldn't have cared allot about that, Mansour.
That's vey smart talking from the one who's brothers murdered my mother and wife, but If it was your revenge you wouldn't gave it up.
So l should let you kill y relatives?
They started it, and no one can protect them from me.
They say that those who murders, go to hell.
But tonight after we finish the Nagaihas, l...
Will get you into heaven.
Anyone ofyou who has a famiIy will return to them.
And those who haven't got a famiIy, we will be their family.
Look at the mountain and fell your eyes with it, because you will miss it.
You will never see it again.
And l swear to y father's grave, iust like you stand my side l will stand by your side.
And just like you protect me l will protect you and l be your shield which is impossible to penetrate.
And as much as l earn l will make you earn.
And anyone who betrays, he has done it to himself.
What is going on, Mahmoud?
They burnt the weapons lot, father.
lt must be Mansour. He came to his death.
Take a man and wait for me on the other side ofthe mountain.
Right away.
Don't stop shooting.
Finish him.
He is hiding in there.
He ran out of ammunition.
Break down the door.
How do you want to die, Mahmoud Nageh?
By the gun or by y hand?
l will kill you with y hands.
Don't be afraid.
You die quickIy iust like your mother and your wife did.
What are you doing here?
-Go. -Let him go, Mansour.
He is my brother, Mansour. Let him go for me.
Let him go for my sake. Mansour.
Mahmoud. You are so cruel.
You are so cruel.
You are so cruel.
Didn't l tell to come alone?
l am alone, sir. Me and Hasan are one.
-Congratulation for your release, Hasan. -Thank you, sir.
-Watch out next time. -l will, sir.
-What is this? -This is a gift, sir.
Are you tying to bribe me, Mansour?
God forbid, sir. Ifyou would accept a bribe, you would have asked for it a long time ago.
-So what is that? -These drugs aren't for you.
lt's a material so you can make a big bust.
Are you going to turn your self in?
-Would you be happy to see me in iail? -No, man, don't say that.
You are vey dear for me.
Thank you, Mr. Rushdy.
There is no dears in our business.
There is only interest. Interest only.
_Q _ __ U__g_ ___ ___
And you are under allot of preasure. You need some peaces of weapons evey month and a few tons of drugs to make busts.
And when the business runs low you will consider me just like eveybody else.
_ U_ _ __ _ _ _fl __ fl_
But ifyou arrest me, somebody will take my place and you will start with him from the vey beginning.
Some times that's better.
You grow too big. Bigger than needed.
You even employ women and children in opium planting, like ifthey plant strawbery.
There isn't a single famiIy in the island that doesn't make living on opium business.
That's why there are no informers among us.
No. Wake up.
There isn't a single informer in the island because l didn't send any, and put a line under this.
-You seem to be changing, Mansour. -lt's all about bid and request, sir. If l go somebody else will come.
Why don't you say it in short?
l want to serve the government.
-How? -l will be your supplier.
lfyou need some weapon evey month to do make so busts, l will give you.
lfyou need a ton ofdrugs, 2, 3, or even 10 l will supplyyou, Mr. Rushdy. Anything thatyou might need.
And the dangerous suspects that you fell the island with.
-l can't help you that matter. -Don't play games with me. We understand each other vey well.
Just like l will need weapons and drugs, l will also need suspects to be charged with it.
And they too many in you island.
Then y merchandise will reach Cairo throw the main high way. No more desert smuggling.
l will see.
Excuse me, Mr. Rushdy.
Hasan, come down.
l won't be late. Let me go with the men to deliver the merchandise then l will be back SOOn .
l won't be late. Let me go with the men to deliver the merchandise then l will be back SOOn .
lt's urgent, get down.
-Will get something from Qena. -l said get down. l want you now.
What is it?
Wait right here.
-Shadeed. -Yes, boss.
-l onIy choose men, Shadeed. -Yes.
_g____fl Q_____ _n
And for your son.
Take care of y son.
My son, boss.
Don't wory. l will take good care ofyour son.
-Good bye. -Good bye, father.
The island present day.
l want to see the other side ofthe house.
The cameras should have been installed a little higher.
There is Mansour.
But is the other man?
-Give me a closer view. -Yes, sir.
Find out who is that man. Who seems to be a foreigner. Probably a Sudanese.
Contact the investigations. l want to know eveything about him.
Can he see the camera?
He is looking at us.
He can see the camera.
He know that we are watching him.
Would you like a cup of tea, Mr. Tarek.
We want to show hospitality to you and your friends.
Thank you, Mansour.
Don't wory, sir. This is Gomaa.
My man. He looks scay, but he is kind hearted.
And his weapon is registered.
_________ __
They have always ignored us. Why are they showing concern now?
Haven't you heard about the train that was intercepted nearby?
All l heard is that eveyone who was in the train got out safely.
Unlike your trains in from which no one gets out safeIy.
Apparently those who stopped the train have senred the county.
WhatDo you want, sir?
Why did you intercept the train, Mansour?
l swear to y father's grave, Ifyou have a single report saying that l intercepted the train l will turn my self in right now.
N course you will turn your self in.
l respect my word, sir.
Does a arms and drug dealer respect his word?
Sugarcane, sir. A sugarcane merchant.
But still some arms dealers and drug dealers are honorable men.
And they respect their words.
How come, Mansour.
How can you understand that?
You are a stranger.
And that's too hard for a stranger to understand.
There are some things hanging on my palm treas. May palm trees which are in my land.
Those things where spying on me.
l am going to break those things now, so if you would like to take y picture, here l am.
Take my picture, sir.
Take the picture, sir. l have work to do.
Alot of work.
Peace, Mr. Tarek.
What is the matter. Are you going to sell according to your own mind?.
l said give me 5 kilograms.
Eveyday's trouble.
l can't sell to you more than 1 kilogram eveyday.
OnIy what's enough for you, not for all the Nagaihas.
-So should they die starving? -Either that or l will die.
-She takes what she want today. -Yes, boss.
You tired me. Come.
Boss, y son left the school, and he is giving me trouble.
l promised your father to take care ofyou. So why did you leave the school?
-l work in the fields, and plant opium. -So are you making good money?
-No. But l am doing that to be a boss like you. -Don't be rude.
To be a boss like me you have to go to school.
lfyou go to school you will still receive your daily wage. But under one condition. You go to school.
Then you can come at Friday and shred the opium, ok?
Thank you.
Peace upon you, boss.
Did you talk to that villain Mansour?
Answer me.
Let go my hand, Tawfik.
lfyou talk to him again, l will kill you.
And after you kill me, how are you and the rest of the famiIy going to eat?
Starting from tomorrow l will not go buy food. All morning l have been begging people to sell me grocey.
l prefer to stanre.
You consult each other about it. Ifyou all don't mind to stanre then l am not going out of the house.
Go. Eveyone go to your home.
People used to fear the Khot, but Mansour would do anything to win peoples hearts.
And l think that kind ofa man is more dangerous the Khot and his kind.
l want an evidence to start moving.
____ ______ __
Does he plant opium?
Not in his officially owned fields.
l suggest that we attack the island and attack his house too.
And there we will find many things to convict him.
This isn't possible. They are arms dealer. It will be a blood bath.
And the news channels would love that.
They might turn those criminals into heroes.
And stir the human rights issues and all those stories.
Since when did we start to be care about the media?
We care now.
Evey county in the world is tying to deal with it's internal affairs as quietIy as possible.
They don't want to stir fuss.
So that nobody can say that they have terrorism related problems.
And the accusation of having terrorism related activities is vey hard to get rid of.
Excuse me, sir.
Yes, Amany.
What about, dad?
Excuse me, sir. l have to go check on y father. He is so sick.
-Go check on him, immediateIy, son. -Yes, sir.
What is the matter, Amany?
Thank god. His condition is vey stable now.
-Thank god. -But you shouldn't have sent all those doctors.
This is a vey good hospital.
What doctors? l didn't send anybody.
You didn't send anybody?
They came with a man who spoke like an upper Egyptian.
And he said that he knew you.
Upper Egyptian? Where did they go?
They went that way.
DoctorAhmed, please go to the reception ZOne .
Thank you vey much, doctor.
-Mr. Tarek. -What are you doing here?
l am here to check on...
lfyou are tying to threaten me, know that l can't be intimidated.
Threaten you? God forbid, sir. Your father is like a father to me.
Don't wory the doctors told me that he will be alright.
l don't want to see you any where near y father or anyone that l know. Do you understand?
ls this how you treat your guest, Cairo people?
This how we treat people who are like you.
Thank you, sir.
But l blame you on something.
Why did you complain about me to the assistant minister himself?
Do you watch me?
So if those who are being watched should be mad at those who are watching them, then l have the right to be mad at you.
-Are you comparing your selfto me? -Calm down, sir.
-We are all human beings. -Get out and never come here again.
Alright. l will go out.
But the eye for the eye. And your three days are OVer.
And from now and on no one in the island will talkto you or even look atyou. l just wanted to check on your father.
Be cause we are nice people.
And we highIy value our guests.
Peace upon you.
So, have you been smoking?
Your sister and you are giving me no chance to do anything.
Thank god that you are getting better.
l am fine son. l iust wanted to scare you a little to come to see me. l missed you.
So, how are things going in the south?
Dad you have retired. Why don't you rest and forget about work.
You know that l have served in upper Egypt for long years. l thought you will ask for y advise.
Until today eveybody comes to benefit from y experience. Eveyone except you.
You know me father. l like to be independent.
What do you mean independent?
The man who was with Mansour is a Sudanese man. And his name is Marghany.
l have just received his file.
He is an arms dealer.
DefinitIy he was buying Mansour weapons.
Ofcourse he was. Or do you think he came from Sudan? For tourism.
l am one hundred percent sure that nothing has entered Mansour's house. l have been watching the house 24 n.
l am not going to stay here watching. We must get inside that house and know what exactIy is going on inside it.
Yes, sir, but we haven't got a warrant to enter the house.
And who is gong to give us a warrant. What are we going to tell Mr. Rushdy.
The ministy sent us to work. This mission is our responsibility.
Does anyone ofyou object to that?
Khaled, as it working well?
Good. Let's go.
-Hasan. -What is the matter, Mansour?
-What is the matter? -Didn't l tell to put guards inside and outside ofthe house.
-What happened. -You are absoluetIy inalert.
Who would dare to come near the house?
They dared, Hasan. They dared.
The government dared to come in while we have been sleeping.
__ __ _ _fl_ _M___ _flM__ _ _________a _fl
We are the government's servants.
We are the government's servants.
What is that?
Like if when l tell you what is it, you will understand.
This is a signal intemerence device that Marghany brought me.
-l don't understand what does tha... -So shut up.
So you shut up, Hasan.
From now and on, you don't understand, think or talk. l take decisions and you execute them.
Do you understand?
Shut up.
Alright, boss.
What are you looking at?
-So how is eveything going? -He has got a signal intemerence device
Signal intemerence?
At first l heard them. Now l don't hear anything.
-Can you decode the device. So we can hear them again? -l will ty. But that will take time.
You must do it as soon as possible. Do you understand?
What is the matter, Rushdy?
lfthat's how they are going to work, so after you permission l would like to take a vacation until they finish their mission.
l can arrest Mansour Elhgefny tomorrow morning.
But if the procedures aren't sound then what will happen? The general prosecutor's office will released him. Just like last time.
Arrange with him, Tarik.
Yes, sir.
l went inside that house, so that we can have eyes inside it.
So you got in, and Mansour knew about it. Now show how are you going to get something on him.
Could you get something on him byyour way?
lf they have killed you all ...
You would have been just like burglars who have been tying to burgle a house but the owners shot them.
At least l tried.
How do you think. Tell me how do you think?
Do you think that you will understand eveything about this area in a couple of days?
The ministy is wrong no one can understand this place except somebody who lives in it.
Take it.
Tarik, you are like a little brother to me. l would never have said that to anybody else.
lfyou want to continue then don't follow your mind alone.
Listen to somebody who have been here for a hundred years.
l am like your old brother.
Am l not?
You, boy.
God help us.
You honored us, men?
l am so glad with your visit.
Thank you.
You know, Mansour that our customs say that protection shouldn't be the responsibility of one famiIy alone.
That's why we agreed too long time ago, that no one of us nominates.
l see. So that's why you are here.
So please, Hemdan remind me for the reason behind that agreement, because l forgot.
-That was to ensure that protection will be divided equalIy among us. -Good.
And one who's men have been arrested the most.
So, how did the protection help me?
And how did, Mr. Kamel help me?
Have you ever asked anything of me and l didn't do it for you?
Like if l am going to beg you.
Don't believe you illusions. You are nothing more than an employee who works for us for a salay.
-Me, an employee who works for you? -And you are even unwanted anymore.
And we will make you retire on pension.
Do you hear that, Hemdan?
That's too improper ofyou, Mansour.
What's improper that there is a stranger among us because we don;t trust each other cousins.
l will win these elections.
And the next elections you can nominate one ofyour owns.
This way you are violating the agreement, Mansour.
And don't forget that the government has been investigating about you recentIy.
l can do y best when the government is investigating about me.
Do you know why?
Because at that time l fear nothing.
And l see evey so small.
So small, Hemdan.
Can face the consequence ofyour words, Mansour?
The words are done.
Let's go, men.
Tourists' killer terrorists arrested.
End of drugs mafia in upper Egypt.
Arrested terrorists admitting the crimes.
What took you so long. So what's new?
Mansour and Hamdan didn't agree.
Mansour insisted to nominate against Kamel Elnaggar.
So he is going to be a senator, no doubt.
That's a disaster.
lf he gets to the parliament he will have legal immunity and we won't be able even to talk to him.
Ok, thank you Awad.
Why, Mansour? Why?
Hello, sir.
What is that for, father?
We put this on our loved ones graves, Ali.
-Wm? -They that ease's their tourment.
lsn't my mother, at god's house.
So why will he torment her?
Your mother is in heaven, Ali. God welling.
lfyour mother doesn't go to heaven, then who would.
You go to heaven.
lf l ever went to heaven it will onIy be to see your mother and leave.
Read the book opener.
Drive bac_ards.
Ali, duck down.
Go into the plantings.
Get out, Ali.
Get out.
l am scared.
You are a man.
Who sent you?
The Nagaihas?
The government? Speak.
l don't know.
lf l shot your other ear you won't hear me.
So you will be useless to me.
Tell me, who sent you?
Mr. Tarek.
-What is going on? -Nothing.
Ali, this uncle Tarek. He is an officer.
ApparentIy he is hear to eat some sugarcane.
Can you cut sugarcane in pieces. Or should l cut it for you?
Follow, Mr. Tarek or you will stay there for the end of days.
Follow, Mr. Tarek or you will stay there for the end of days.
We won't let a single one of Hamdan's famiIy live.
And the boss will get in the parliament over their dead bodies.
This parliament matter was a mistake.
Now we are fighting the government, the Nagaihas , and Hamdan.
Anyone who fights eveybody will lose.
Who loses, uncle?
Are you scared?
l am not scared of anything.
And you know that vey well.
And the boss never makes mistakes.
And you know that vey well.
But the next operation.
Too many eyes will be on it.
- Wisdome says... -Hasan.
l am the wisdom.
And l said the next operation will go on as scheduled.
And l said that l will level Hamdan, his famiIy and their houses to the ground.
Get out of y sight now.
Get out of sight.
You wait, Gomaa.
lf my father him self opposes me in front of y men, l would have treated him this way.
lf he is concerned about me, he should be y arM.
He should fight the whole world for me.
Fadl, wait. Stand right here and talk to me.
Come here. What is the matter?
Have you lost your mind?
_ _g _ __ U___ _
Come here.
Listen and understand.
lfwe don't make Hamdan an examlple, eveybody will dare to challenge us.
And the dogs will start biting on our bodies.
Do you understand?
_____ _____ _____fl
Do you understand?
Do you understand you fool?
l want all the exits to be sealed.
All the exits. That's your responsibility.
My consolation, Montaser.
Thankk you, sir.
Who killed your brother Hemdan.
l don't know.
Who do you suspect, Montaser.
l don't suspect.
l know that there was a dispute between your brother and Mansour Elhifny.
Did he kill him?
God knows.
l don't.
You may go.
Yes, sir.
l am still at the office.
Yes, l knew that he went to you.
No, l don't think that he knew anything.
Mansour? Mansour started to stink.
He has done his role and exceeded it.
lt's time for him to hand over the banner to somebody else.
What is the matter. Why did you call me so urgently?
Mansour fell.
He is making a drug deal right now. Didn't l tell that evemhing has it's time.
-Freeze right there. -Drop your weapon, Mansour.
We haven't got any weapon, sir.
l said we haven't got any weapon, sir.
Search the trucks.
There is nothing, sir.
Nothing, sir.
Just, fodder.
What do you mean, there is nothing?
Search well.
They won't find anything.
Oh, lord. Sir, Ifwas making a drug deal you would have found me that easy.
l would have already delivered the drugs to the other dealers and got my money.
-Search the trucks, carefulIy. -Search carefully, man. Let's end this situation.
God bless you.
Unload the merchandise.
We found nothing, sir.
Sir, our cattle is hungy.
lt's waiting for the fodder.
Are you going to arrest us, or will you let us go to fed them?
- Let the get out of here, the go to the department. -Yes, sir.
l don't want anybody here.
Let them go.
Let's go, men. Start the truck, son.
He has a man inside the department. That's the onIy explanation.
Leave me alone now, Tarek. Please.
l don't know what to say.
Whe l knew that y brother has reported to the police about you l couldn't not tell you.
He wanted to retaliate.
lt would have been like retaliating from me.
Just like you retaliated for Faiga from me.
l have never intended to hurt your, Kareema.
Evey bullet towards my famiIy hurts me.
And evey bullet towards you kills me.
Now l owe you.
lf we are going to live in blood pool, then you should pay your debt to me.
Kill me, Mansour.
Kill me now better.
lf l kill you, then what am l going to have leR?
Word, Mansour. Just words.
Those who are realIy in love do something.
Haven't l?
Why do you think the train was intercepted q0_?
-Are you going to say for me? -Yes.
FGor you, Kareema.
l was told that your famiIy was going to send you away. So l stopped the train.
And l swear ifyou were going to travel on a plane l would have brought it back on the ground.
l wasn't going away.
l know.
lt was a rumor made by your famiIy.
To make me lose y mind and stop the train, so the government moves against me.
So do you believe that it's not iust words, Kareema?
Be reasonable. Let's run away and get married.
And leave y famiIy with shame?
Now which one of us does noting but saying words, Kareema?
Don't you love me?
Do you love me?
Don't you know?
Would you do anything for me?
Yes. God know, Kareema, l would.
So you accept peace.
What do you mean accept peace? What would people think of me?
Let them think what ever they think. Anyway what did they think ofyou when you retaliated?
A brave man? All this stubbornness and all this blood, for what?
Your image in front of people?
ls this the courage?
You killed my brother before y eyes, but still l couldn't sit and see Tawfeek sending you to prison.
l did something, Mansour.
lt's your turn now.
Listen, Mr. Tarek. l choose you because l know that you have a good intention and you want peace.
What do you want, Mansour.
l don't want. You want.
Do you want the island to settle down and the drugs and the weapon to disappear?
ln exchange of what, Mansour?
You press on the Nagaihas and make them accept peace.
And the past. Do you want me to forget it?
Listen, Mr. Tarek. You will never arrest me.
___ _______ __ ___fl
And as long as l have myweapon l will keep shooting, and l have alot of bullets.
Alot, Mr. Tarek.
But l won't let you, Mansour.
l heard that alot.
l am different.
l heard that allot too.
Don't let stubbornness blind you and seek your benefit.
The benefit is that the criminals get punished.
And that's our job, and our role.
Your role is to keep people happy. And they are happy this way.
No, Mansour. We can't let someone like you govern.
And decide what's right and what's wrong.
This is a state's system, and the state must govern.
-Since when did the state start to think about us? -l agree...
But even ifthat was true, it's still wrong.
But what's happening now is the right thing.
Turn your self in, Mansour and confess to all what you did.
And let the people live.
With out your weapon and without your trade.
Listen, sir. What you said are dreams.
_ ____ U_____ _________ __fl
They will come true, Mansour. And will make them.
With your well or against your will.
Why do you think that your are better.
l became this because y father was this.
And you became this, because your father was this.
So we have no choice of our life, Mansour.
Who said that? Eveybody has choice.
You can continue as you were borne, or you can abandon your roots.
Don't hang your faults on the circumstances.
lfwe didn't have choices then god wouldn't judge us.
You hit the point.
You have just said it. God will judge us.
Mr. Tarek, please leave y iudgment to the other life.
And believe me, you will benefit from that.
Of course you have learnt that Mansour has offered the Nagaihas peace.
And he wants to give them half ofyour land.
Half of our land.
We would cut our hands off before we do that.
What do you mean? Weren't you with him when he visited them or what?
He said he was going to intimidate them.
lntemidate them?
Mansour would never do that.
Mansour my nephew is a smart man.
Anything but land.
Mr. Rushdy don't ty to turn us against each other.
l would die for Mansour.
Listen, Tawfeek. l came today to start a new page.
We will stop the blood.
And we will forget the retaliations.
l will give you back all ofyour land.
And you will give me Kareema to be my wife, officialIy.
Mansour lost his mind.
Women make men loose thier mind.
Kareema has erased his brains.
Now his digging his own grave, and he will take you all with him.
Mansour gave us no choice.
Now it's either him or the island.
And now you are the one in front of me.
lt's either that you all go with him or you take his place.
Anyway it's your choice. Think it over.
Ok, Awad.
You honored us, Hasan.
You honored us.
-Good morning. -Good morning.
Thank you.
Did you have a guest or what?
An old case that has been closed.
Ok, don't take too long.
Are you going to give our land to the Nagaihas, Mansour?
Your land to the Nagaihas?
What do you mean, your land?
l see.
You mean that land that l captured by y arm.
And my effort.
While you were in prison.
So that's how it is now?
Are we going to calculate evemhing that we have and settle our acconts?
lf we are going to calculate evemhing, then you will not understand anything.
You can't even read, Man.
The land is mine, Mansour.
That land was never ours.
Anyway did you forget what you said, uncle?
Those who fight eveybody lose.
What l am doing will give us peace with the Nagaihas.
____ ____fl_ ____
And all that, for a woman?
Wake up, boss.
The boss shouldn't think onIy about himself.
You are going to ruin us all.
Go on, uncle.
Tell what else did Rushdy Wahdan tell you?
Oh, lord.
Are you accusing me with treason, nephew?
Did you send someone to trace me?
l don't need to trace you to know what did Rushdy Wahdan tell you.
Do you want me to continue what he has said?
After he looked into your eyes.
And turned around you.
And blew his cigarettes smoke in your eyes.
To blind you.
He said Mansour lost his mind, Hasan.
He will bring you shame.
Put your hand in your pocket draw your gun and liquidize him.
Liquidise him, Hasan.
And you will be the boss.
And fear nothing. l will protect you.
lsn't this what he said, uncle?
Your father told me to always be at your shoulder.
You and me were supposed to expand what he has built.
And instead of one peace of land, there will be two lands.
And you are giving it away, this easiIy.
God mercy's your should, brother.
lf he was still alive then he would have shot you himself.
Ok, ifyour conscious is satisfied with that, then shoot me.
Shoot me, uncle.
My father's brother.
My right arm.
For eveybody to live, some people must sacrifice.
Your father said it in the past.
And you said it aRer him.
This is the law, nephew.
What happened, chief Hasan?
What is it?
Nothing. We were tying a weapon.
Eveyone back to your post.
A bullet was fired down stairs.
Father, what happened?
Fear nothing, son.
Who shot you? Was it Hasan?
Fear nothing. l said fear nothing, boy.
Your father is fine.
Do you see this?
_ Q__LM_____ __fl
You were it under the galabia and if someone shoots you the bullets won'tgo throw.
Let's follow him before he leaves the island.
No, leave him alone.
But l wish he manages to leave the island.
l wish he manages to leave the island.
lt's over, boss.
Did you buy him?
-My consolations. -l don't want your consolations.
Tell me about the important.
The truce between the government and us is OVer.
From now and on l don't want to see a human being in the island unarmed.
Even the children arm them.
And from now and on no one who works for the government will come into our island.
And if anyone ofyou sees a soldier, shoot him.
-Say it. -Understood, boss.
The code has been decoded.
Can you hear me, Mr. Tarek?
lf we see a soldier we will shoot him.
Even officer will be buried wherever we see them.
From now and on there will be no government.
l am the government.
l am the government.
Have you got money?
l want you to disappear and never tell anyone your whereabouts.
And l will see you as we agreed.
Do you think your father would have ran away?
After all these years you still think that l am not like your father?
l am exactIy like your father.
Listen Ali. l am not going to tell you to obey your uncle.
Because you don't obey anybody except your uncle.
l want you to be strong, Ali.
l want you to be strong.
For people to fear you and respect you.
You must be strong.
-Do you understand me, Ali? Say you do. -l do.
Your grandfather. Said that to me.
And l am saying it to you now.
Keep this with you, And when you grow up, you wear it in your hand.
And never take it off.
-Do you understand me son? -l understand.
Go. What are you waiting for? Go.
From now and on there will be no government. l am the government.
l am the government.
lt's over. l must inform the minister so we can MOVe .
-Come on we are going to miss the train. -Coming, sir.
These are my numbers.
lfyou need anything, call me.
Mansour Elhifny, attacks the officers' rest house.
Elhifny cuts electricity off the island and the rest of the province.
Sir, we haven't lost control yet.
Sir, l am saying...
Sir, the matter doesn't need forces.
ln 12 hours l will capture those who did it. l amjust suggesting...
-Why hasn't the generator started working? -lt's still being fixed, sir.
All this time?
Cna you imagine it?
He wrote his phone number on your card.
He was tying to tell me.
But l didn't understand.
l couldn't see.
Go on.
Why, Rushdy?
Who's benefit.
The county's.
lt's too strange Rushdy. Eveybody who makes a disaster says it's for the county's benefit.
Disaster? What we are facing now is a disaster?
Where were you ten years ago?
He heard nothing around here but the bullets.
We were fighting the thieves, the drug dealers, the arms dealers, and the terrorists.
lf an officer, got his head out of the armed vehicle that meant he suicide.
The ground was @@@ with officers' blood.
And you say, disaster?
Don't ty to justi_ your self.
Justi_? We were in a war.
Today it's just a cray boy with a few criminals around him and we will kill them all, it's a little game, son.
You made the biggest arms and drug dealer in the whole county and you say it's a little game.
_g____ _ __ _
The insects' electrocuting device.
A light that attracts insects that wants heat, they get closer and closer, then suddenIy.
They die.
l made Mansour Elhifny.
And made the island a hideout for all the criminals who search for safety and now...
You know, Rushdy. In the past when y farther couldn't convince me with something.
Do you know what he used to do?
He used to let you talk to me.
And 1 O minutes later l would be convinced.
But now it's over.
l don't listen to you anymore.
Do you know why?
Because l discovered that you can convince anybody with what you want and in the same time you can convince him with the vey opposite.
So l won't be able to convince you that l was right.
That was in the past.
lfyou knew who is y great teacher you will change your mind.
He sent you here.
lt must be him.
Wait, and listen.
Yes, sir.
What did you do about, Mansour.
Tell me what should l do, sir. Your are my teacher.
You must get rid ofthat boy.
And as soon as possible.
What ever you say, sir.
Tell me, did Tarek know anything?
Mr. Foad l will call you back after 10 minutes.
Your father was the first to do this.
He did it Ali Elhifny.
lfyou say anything, you will stain your father's honor.
lfyou are annoyed that your father's good reputation is haunting you.
Believe me, you will be more annoyed ifyour father's dim reputation is haunting you.
Yesterday's method don't work anymore. Ok...
l agree.
So what is the solution?
__ _ _ __ _fl_ _____
You know and l know, that Mansour will not turn him self in, and he will not surrender.
So what shall we do?
A bullet and it's over.
When people do mistakes. They be criminals.
But when we make mistakes, then we be the right side.
Son, we are the system. We are the government.
This is the onIy way to deal with these people. And it's for thier own good. Don't you see what's going on in the neighboring countries?
Can't you see how are they tearing each other apart?
The stronger is always right.
And the weak is always wrong.
Tarek, you go back to Cairo right now and totally forget about upper Egypt.
Untill we finish Mansour's issue.
After that you, my father in law and me will gather and agree upon what you should write in your report.
Go champion.
l am here to askyou what should l do?
Should l act as you raised me. Reveal the truth and defame my most loved people?
Or should l act the way general Foad Basiony used to?
The cause justifies the way.
And let the truth be lost.
Are you here to accuse me?
What do you know about that?
What l did was the right thing to do.
And iftime retunes l will do it again, again and again.
How come it was the right thing?
Don't ty to lecture me about human rights an all that nonsense.
They condemn the beating in police station but once the maid steals something from them they turn the other way.
And they say we want our possessions.
Do what ever you want to do to her, iust bring our possessions back.
We eliminated terrorism.
And tourism industy is growing.
And nobody hears a sound from the south anymore.
Nobody hears a sound from the south now.
Because you buried it.
We buried the criminals.
And the terrorists.
We cleaned the county from them.
Son, l don't have many days leR.
Then l will meet y god.
But l will meet him while l am not afraid.
Because l know that l did the right thing.
l amyour son.
And l am telling you now, you must start to fear. You must.
Be alert, Motawe.
Yes, boss.
-Gomaa. -Yes.
-l don't anyone ofyour men to blink. -Don't wory, boss.
And you, Nagany.
When night comes; you pitch a heay machine gun, and if anyone -however, a militay personnel or civilian- comes, you kill him. Do you understand?
-Yes, boss. -Go.
-Welcome, sir. -l will deal with you later.
-Have you contacted, Mansour? -Not yet, sir.
Give me a cell phone.
Welcome to the island.
Turn yourself in, Mansour. The whole place is surrounded.
Why, sir?
What did these people do to you?
Of course you can see them from your place over there.
They are the people ofthe island, sir.
Muslims and Christians.
So do you see how much l do consider the national unity.
-What is the situation, sir. -He has hostages.
Sir, those people are with him. They are his people, sir.
Sir, let us attack and liquidize those criminals.
l can't take the risk. We must find another way.
Yes, sir.
So, Gamal. Do you know that he has got hostages?
l know, sir. We will secure their evacuation before we start the attack.
Gamal l choose you to lead this operation. The minister's and my trust in you is great.
l don't want any mistakes.
This mock was made after revising of satellite images...
And we know that Mansour has got three Garenov machine guns installed in three different locations.
The first location is on this mount to secure the other side of the Nile.
The second location is on this tower, to secure the western sid of the house.
And the third location is on the house it self. to secure the front side.
And according to the latest scouting we knew that he has got the hostages held in the villas basement.
Excuse me, sir. l have entered that house before throw the basement.
l know may into it vey well.
l know, Tarek. That's why you will be with the group that will evacuate the hostages.
__________ __fl
Colonil Rushdy will be with this group because he knows the area vey well.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir we are in location.
Cutt off the electricity.
And once the electricity is cut you will engage Mansours men.
Yes, sir.
The shooting is coming from this side.
-Nagaany. -Yes, sir.
Tell your men to hold their positions , and not to move until l say so.
Yes, sir.
Mansour will go out to engage us.
At that moment Rushdy's recruited man will move his men away from their position that protects the mount.
Tarek. Move.
Don't be afraid. Get out quickIy.
Come on.
Come on.
Rushdy, pull back with the force to base right nOW.
The hostages, have been evacuated.
Rushdy, can you hear me?
l promised you, paradise, men.
-And you lived in it. -10 years, boss.
We planted and hanrest and we became a famiIy.
We have some problems, Goma but it's ok. This is just how life is.
You take...
.. And give.
What did l say about the traitor, Gomaa?
He brought it on himself.
Come on, men.
__ ___ g__ nB __
Let's go men.
Welcome, Mr. Rushdy.
Rushy hasn't returned to the base, sir.
None of the whole group has returned.
Any way the sun will rise in an hour then we will start the attack.
And we will find him, god willing.
Just like we started it together, we will finish it together.
We may even be buried in the same cemetey.
Do you know what is funny, Mansour?
lt's that you won't have time to laugh at me.
They will have to attack.
And they will bring the house down on eveybody's heads.
l will die as a hero.
Aformal funeral and medals. They might even name the island after me.
lsland of mamred Rushdy Wahdan.
Thatwould happen ifyou die before the truth is revealed.
Before they know that you and general Foad are y accomplices.
Tarek won't speak, it's better for him that me and you die and the truth get buried with us.
The truth dies only where you came from, Mr. Rushdy.
But here it never dies.
Do you know why? Because my grandfather said it to my father.
My father said it to me.
And l said it to my son.
And y son will say it to his son.
And l am not going to let you die this easiIy.
l know that you aren't afraid to die.
But l will make live and wish to die.
Before you get scandalized.
And people know your reality.
-What are you doing? -Don't be afraid. Look straight ahead.
This is how we clean the wounds.
We put some gunpowder on the wound and light it up.
So no one can say that we didn't take care of you.
Be strong. l said be strong.
Casualities report.
The explosives couldn't effect the main vehicles, And we will go on.
-Get ready, Abdelreheem. Yes, sir.
-Start attack at western front. -Roger.
The western front forces are suffering heay causalities, sir.
What are you waiting for? Hit the tower.
They are coming from the other side. Meet them there.
-Why is the gunship late? -The gunship is approaching, sir.
What should we do now, boss?
We lost too many men.
Tell the men to take cover inside the house and fire from inside.
Yes, boss.
Uncle, Mansour. Uncle.
Help me, uncle.
Uncle Mansour. Help.
Uncle Mansour.
Help me, uncle.
-Be brave, boy. -We are going to die, uncle.
Don't be afraid. We won't die.
-We are going to die, uncle. -Be a man like your father. l said don't be afraid.
Mr. Tarek.
lfyou care about Rushdy, stop the attack now.
Yes, l have got him.
l will let you hear his voice after your stop the attack.
Or l swear you will never hear his voice again.
Sir, Mansour called me now and told me that he is holding colonel Rushdy a hostage.
And he is also saying that ifwe don't cease fire he will kill him.
This isn't guaranteed. Maybe he said that because he knew that his end is close.
Sir, give me a last chance. l have a way that can influence Mansour.
Away that will make him surrender.
Cease fire.
Cease fire.
-Gomaa. -Yes.
-Spread the sunriving men around the house. -Yes, boss.
-No one leaves his post. -Yes, sir.
-And if any one leaves his post l sill shoot him yself. -Yes, boss.
Mr. Tarek.
How did you manage to come in?
Are here alone or do you have guests?
l am alone, Mansour.
And here is y weapon.
Throw it there on the ground.
And here is your relative.
He is still in one peace.
Why did you come?
l came to get you out of here alive, Mansour.
Why did you come? Why?
This is an inferior villain. Tell them to level the house to the ground.
Shut your mouth or l will slit your throat.
Shut your mouth.
When will the police forces pull back?
After five minutes they will come in and level the house with the ground.
Good. At least l will die in the place where l lived all y life.
But watch out, Mr. Tarek, l have got allot of bullets. and when l shoot it's one shot one kill.
l swear to god to make the government cy over it's men.
-lf l die nobody will cy over me. -l will, Mansour.
l will girve over you.
What are you doing here?
Why did you come here, Kareema?
__ _fl_ __g_LM_ _
l will protect you, Mansour and nobody will come near you.
Did you make an agreement with them, Nagaihas' daughter?
l can kill you right now.
He is the onIy one who can get you out of here, alive.
He wants me to die so l don't speak and scandalize him.
lf l wanted you to die l wouldn't have came here.
But If l kill you l will be iust like you, and l don't want to be like you, Mansour.
Are you going to debate with him? Tell them to attack.
Don't be stupid.
Shut up.
Mr. Tarek, you will take Kareema right now and get out of here.
l won't leave you, Mansour.
l said get out of here, Kareema.
Go away, Kareema.
l said go away.
So you have sentences me to death.
Drop that gun, Kareema.
l won't live after you die, Mansour.
l said drop the gun.
Start attack.
Turn yourselves in, men.
Hault attack.
Hault attack.
Cease your fire.
Don't wory. l am fine.
l am fine.
For the first time you hug me but l can't push you away.
So you can't accuse me of being strong like a man anymore.
lt's my fault, kareema.
But you aren't going to die.
You aren't going to die, Kareema.
Open your eyes, Kareema.
l said open your eyes. You aren't going to die.
Ambulance. Kareema is dieing.
l said open your eye. You aren't going die.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes, Kareema.
Senior court ofjustice.
-Mansour l... -Don't wory, sir.
l won't say anything.
Why don't talk, Mansour? Why don't you tell the truth to the people?
The truth won't get me acquitted and it won't reduce y penalty.
Do the right thing for once in your life.
l have to you before, sir, our right isn't like your right.
l wish l once meet someone who admits his mistakes.
Vey soon, sir.
At judgment day.
After a gun battle between some known and some anonymous sides.
Mansour Elhifny disappeared, and his whereabouts is still unknown.
Officer Tarek was transferred to the island at his request.
Officer Rushdy was promoted and transferred to another place.
Kareema left the hospital, returned to the island, and she hasn't left it there until this day.
______M __n
Subtitled at Lord Cinema production Iaboratories.
Translator Mutaz Mohamed Gobara