Pullip Customization 2

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 22.01.2011

A pullip to customize, she used to be a My Melody
I've already removed her faceup
Now she looked pale as a ghost
Let's get to work
I'm scrubbing her face up off one last time with magic sponge
Marker for Eyeliner
Color pencils for the brows and lashes
Chalk pastel for shadows
A hint of blue for eye shadows
I removed her eyelid color with thinner and sandpaper
Her eyes are replaced with acrylic eyes
Double the lashes
Coat lips with clear coating
See the eyes work
Put them back together
With no faceup
I love her new look
Her hair is a bit redder in the pictures
It's actually ginger
I'm so glad with the way she came out
That's all for now, goodbye