Gönülçelen )) Episode 44 - Part 6/6 [English Subtitles]

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Good night
don't worry, I'll talk to her about everything
Ok Mrs. Saime please keep me posted
Good, God willing.. have a good night
thank you
I became an intolerable man again
Sleepless, unhappy, cursed
I am wrong as always
There is no reason..
and there can’t be a reason
What I am doing is shameful, disgraceful
But I can not help it, I'm jealous of you
forgive me ...
it is Valentine’s day today and you are not with me
I do not feel like doing anything today..
calm down, calm down
We have found this time Jafar, I swear to you we found it
start digging Jafer
we will become rich cobra, we will become rich
calm down a bit Jafer
you said start digging and now you say don't
i didn't say start digging over there, I said start here
Cobra decide should I start digging or not
start digging Jafer.. half half..
half half?
start digging Jafer
I'm very sad mom
my daughter
look my daughter..
if you do not want this wedding just say it
You are not forced to do it
we want you to be Happy
You don't have to make a wrong decision if it hurts you
my daughter
This is your life,
your future,
don’t ever think it is too late. It is never too late
think well about what you want to do and then decide
Hasret do you really want to marry Levent??
where were you?
I went to see Hasret
She is my friend.. I can go see her whenever I want
Hasret won't wear a wedding gown
I'm telling you Hasret won't wear a wedding gown
what does it mean?
what does it mean?!
doesn't this mean anything to you
what means to me is that she is getting married tomorrow
What is this Jaafar has been unable to dig one hole
look we came back empty handed
I was the only one digging.. you didn't even help
who will do the surveillance? If I don't do it they'll catch us
God forbid. did you hide the device
I did, come on
what will we do?
come on
I will tell you, come on
- good night - thank you
I'm tired, you think I'm still standing on my feet but I'm very tired
girl? aren't these two Jafer and Cobra?
yes they are.. where were they?
hide it
what did you do you foul?
what was that?
nothing, my friend is looking for the pot's lid
God bless you
good night
what are you doing?
what are you doing at this late hour
Nothing Gülnaz, he just made noises while throwing the garbrage
let's go home
look at me, what were you doing here?
and where did you come from?
where would we be? we've been cleaning the restaurant since morning
taking care of home, the restaurant.. I'm really very tired
come on
we cleaned the resaturant.. it's now sparkling clean like gold
if we get a device it won't detect any bacteria
come on my flower
how is Hasret, is she doing ok?
I wish her well
I don't want to postpone anything
you can pick the invitation cards that you like
I'm ready to get married with you within 2 weeks
this is my decision
mom.. can I come and sleep next to you?
come on my daughter
I will tell Levent first thing in the morning
that I can't marry him
ok my daughter..
let's get some sleep now
these are from the dry cleaners
Ok.. thanks Nakiye
I'll wear the dress with the print in the front today
Oh ok. Then
I won't be too late
did you call Levent?
I did not .I will call him on the way
Good morning
- I was just coming to talk to you - really
come in let's talk inside
you are ready already?
It is so early in the morning
It is early..
I am just practicing
I think you have gone mad
I'm fine Jeren don't worry
of course my dear
you're so fine
I wanted to talk to you
I'm listening
each person
has a dream in his life that he wants to fulfill
you were my dream Hasret
I am so in love with you
I love you very much
and still love you very much
I wanted for you to fall in love with me too
to you share my dream
I tried hard to achieve this
I lost my friend for the sake of this dream
and I can face the whole world if necessary
when you accepted my proposal
I felt like flying high in the sky
then I told myself
she's in love with me too
but I was wrong
I now realized that you're
far very far from me
I know that you love me
as the friend Levent
but you never fall in love with me
you're heart beat never raced for me
you're eyes were always silent whenever they looked at me
never mind
I don't wanna cause you pain anymore
and I don't want to be in pain anymore either
I can't force anyone to do anything he doesn't want
that's why
I can't marry you Hasret
thank you
I thank you for everything you did for me
for being my friend
for understanding me
and thank you for loving me much
Good bye
I am sorry
I have one more think to tell you
Murat is not the one who will make you happy Hasret