How to... make perfect homemade burgers

Uploaded by TheCooperativeGroup on 04.07.2011


This is a perfect way of making a burger for your summer barbeque that won’t fall
apart, with a couple of handy tips.

Merely get about400g of mince and place it into your

Once you’ve done that, you want to make some breadcrumbs.

Get two slices
of bread and place them into a food processor.

If you don’t have a food processor you
can merely just chop the bread nice and fine…any old bread you’ve got lying around - edges
or anything like that - merely put it into a food processor and blitz it all up - so
it’s nice and smooth.

Now the breadcrumbs are here to bind it and soak up the moisture.
Add your breadcrumbs to the burger. An egg… and the egg is very essential – it’s what
binds it - it works with the breadcrumbs, so if it’s too moist you can add more breadcrumbs
- just to balance it to the way you like it.

Then add your flavourings. I like to add chilli,
garlic and coriander.

For a depth of flavour add tomato ketchup and horseradish - you can
add any flavours you want - I just like these ones.

Mix the mince up for about 5 minutes.
Give it a really good mix.

Take a small handful, about 100g - place it into any old
lid that you’ve got - preferably something with a nice bit of depth to it.

Put the
Clingfilm over the top of the burger - press it again really hard and just flip the lid
out and the burger will pop out nice and easily.

Thing about pressing it into the lid, they
all end up a consistent size and they’ll cook consistently as well.

And there we are…we
have your perfect burger.