Conversão Offline, o video case

Uploaded by googleadsbrasil on 31.07.2012

It doesn't matter if your business is offline,
your target audience is already on the Internet
and they will use the online environment more and more to find you.
So, if your objective is to increase the revenue of your outlets,
you need to know the Google solutions.
27% of Brazilians
consume Internet and TV content simultaneously.
51% of them
search for a product online after watching a TV ad.
And with Google
you can reach over 90% of all Internet users.
It all starts when the consumer makes his decision:
he searches for the product, brands, prices and places to buy.
And that's where your direct your users.
In the search,
your brand can show models and prices of the products
and the location of the stores.
What would be better than reaching
your audience when they're on their way to make a purchase?
With Mobile Ads you can do this.
And the largest Display Network in Brazil,
with over 90% coverage,
makes your brand reach its target audience
when they are reading or navigating in any
content related to your product.
You can also direct specific sales
to consumers through Google+ or draw their attention
with videos and a YouTube channel.
By bringing specific content for the right audience,
your brand gains notoriety offline.
That was how Cyrela
had a significant increase of apartment sales.
We had eleven products in the East side of
S ão Paulo, which were a sales challenge.
For this specific case,
we wanted to understand how much the
Internet could impact our offline business.
So we worked with sponsored links,
today we have over a million monitored words,
and we worked in this campaign not only with a sponsored link strategy,
but also with Google's Display Network.
We have managed to not
only understand that online does influence offline sales,
but we have also had good financial results from the campaign.
We have accomplished a conversion ten times greater,
in terms of coupon redeeming,
the revenue from buyers who were impacted through
the Internet was three times greater than
all the offline impact that we've had,
and our average sales ticket was 24% superior.
The advantages that we had were to make a campaign,
with a wide range,
at a low cost,
and manage to have results above expectation for digital.
Today, working in e-business at Cyrela without
thinking about Google makes no sense to us.
has also used Google solutions to fill their classrooms.
Today, in terms of market,
we realize that people are actually searching
online to decide where they want to study.
The moment of the search is very important,
because at that moment we have a link offering
the opportunity for people to get to know Anhembi-Morumbi's services,
and we can capture that click and bring the person to the website.
The sponsored link
is the net that will catch the people,
so if you imagine that the market is a vast ocean,
and you have many fish around and then you decide
for an offline media campaign.
The person sees that communication
and gets curious about a postgraduate course,
or a graduate course and goes to Google.
When they come to Google,
the link is the net that will effectively
catch that fish and bring it home.
After the sponsored links,
the number of hits on the website has increased 38%.
We have used GDN not only to increase the number
of applications but also to generate relevance to the traffic,
so it becomes a synergy campaign,
the person sees Anhembi-Morumbi through the affiliated sites,
and this increases the amount of searches.
Two other fronts were used and generated interesting results.
One was YouTube,
through promoted videos,
and the other was Orkut,
which also helps increase traffic for some courses
which aren't as sought after for being a bit more specific.
In order to increase your offline sales,
do not disregard online!
There is always a Google solution for your brand.
Google. Makes the web work for you.