You Suck at Photoshop - Annotations

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 17.10.2008


My name is Donny.
You suck at Photoshop.

It's like Gilligan's Island.
You're never going to get off.
And Skipper's looking kind of hungry.

Let's say you finally got back from a long trip where you
were out of the town for a while.
And now you've come back you think the coast is clear.
So you--
you put your house is OK, and, well, part of it is being
rented out as a package liquor store, but the
other side is intact.
And so you've been living there for a few days.
But, suddenly, this morning you found a note on the door.
And you need to respond to that note and
you want to use Photoshop.
let's take a look at that note.

What you want to do with this note-- sometimes we know that
a Photoshop is worth 1,000 words.
But sometimes it's going to take more than words to-- to
say what you really want to say.
And that's when Photoshop still lets you express
yourself by using annotations.
And we've got two different options for annotations.
We can go down here on your tools and
click the notes tool.
You can click a note like--
um, you know, you can type a note like this.

But you know, typing-- just-- it doesn't really--
it doesn't say what you really want it to say.
But that note will stay there in this document.
And somebody will be able to see that.
We also can use the audio annotation tool.
And this is where we can really speak our minds.
So, grab the audio annotation tool, and find some part of
the photo that you want to respond to.
Get out of my house.
Click here, and click Start, and it will start recording.
And you can say, um, check the lease.
It's Gary Nakamora's house, dummy.
And then click Stop.
And now what you can do is go back to your audio annotation
icon there-- right-click and select Play.
Um, check the lease.
It's Gary Nakamora's house.
Then click Stop.
So you can actually hear your audio annotations.
Let's do another one.
Here's you don't live here anymore.
OK, um, I don't live, period.
You sucked the life from me like a Dyson upright.

So-- and then maybe you want to put another one down like
the three of us are a family now.
Oh, that's three of you?
Last time I saw you it looked like you had
eaten Kirstie Alley.
I'd say there's like at least five of you.
And then stop that.
So you kind of get the idea.
And then--

I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to kill you-- you know, you can just put another
one on here that's like, you know, yeah you're
going to kill me.

I'm gonna kill you.
So let-s--
All right, now all we have to do is Save As.
And we can save this as a PDF to make sure that non
Photoshop users can really see this and use it.
So we're going to go through and grab a PDF
and, and save it.
And then, you know, it'll keep all those annotations, the
notes and audio, in there.
And then we can feel free to post it somewhere.
Or give it to the authorities.