[Eng sub] SNSD Taeyeon's Fanboys

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Contestant Moon Jun Young, I heard that you were going to reveal DongJun's secret? I'm very curious!
Even though there are some fans here, Dong-junnie has a girl group member who he likes
Since Dongjun seems so suprised, it has to be the truth!
How many are there in the group? You don't need to say the group name, but tell us how many members there are?
they are nine~
*Note* He's dancing the signature move from SNSD's song "Hoot"
We'll leave it up to your imagination
Ya, don't act so calm! Don't act so calm *a pun on Taeyeon's name*
What? What? there's nothing wrong with liking her as a fan!
man: She's the leader too...
Why do you guys keep saying useless things!
Minwoo-shi, who do you like? MW: ah, it's the same for me, SNSD
Leeteuk: Who? Who? Who?
I, our debut...For me to say this now is a bit... because there's a member who feels the same
LT: the same? MW: yes, there's one
YS: Tell us first, then we can confirm it HC: I'll go first!
LT: Go ahead and tell us, quickly
Heechul: I originally said this since long ago, but for me it's Jessica LT: Jessica-shi
LT: Do you like Jessica too, Minwoo-shi? MW: no, for me it's not jessica..
MW: but rather Taeyeon-sunbaenim
*Note* Heechul and Kevin laugh 'cause they thought he liked Sica, but then it's Taeng, the same as Donjun instead
MW: Since the first time i heard her music, i was drawn to her KH: ah, her singing! her singing!
MW: At that time, SNSD-sunbaenims had released their 1st album LT: ah, their 1st album
MW: at that time she was really pretty in their MV LT: In "into the new world"? MW: yes
*Who'd you be in SNSD* Kevin: Maybe Taeyeon? 'cause she's the main vocal
Siwan: I'd be Taeyeon, because among our members i'm abit on the short side, but i stand in the center alot
Changmin: How about Wooyoung then?
Wooyoung: For me the voice is a sensitive point, so i choose Taeyeon-sunbaenim, her voice is really nice
Changmin: Chin Chin
Not long ago, although it's abit late, it was the 100th day of Taeyeon's chin chin
Congratulations! WY: The mood is great!
It's cute how Onew only sings along to Taeng's parts
We asked (Big Bang) about a new girlgroup member who they wanted to meet
Daesung: well...
Daesung: *laugh* If i'm to answer honestly, Taeyeon came last time (guest on Family outing), i think that's more than enough
DS: Because i really like the noonas right now, I'll be happy no matter who comes
DS: Noonas, i answered well, right?
SBS: Oh, it's a Soshi-battle! Is it Yoona or is it Taeyeon? 1-2-3
Yoona losing...ohh
SDJ: Yoona is a strong opponent for the ideal girl spot and also, Jessica you were nodding your head
HyunJoong: At that time i told something, i told her who i liked the most in SNSD and ranked them all~
SDJ: You told Jessica? KHJ: yes J: He didn't say who he liked the most
J: He only told me who he didn't like SDJ: He ranked the people he disliked
J: Yes, and i was in there SDJ: Ah, really? SBS: With the people he dislikes
KHJ: But still, you were in the middle... J: Why do you kill people like that
HS: I think that is charming SDJ: Bad boy, the bad boy-vibe, one who doesn't say much
They're both two really cute girls SDJ: the national little sisters Is it Kim Yuna or Taeyeon? Taeyeon or Yuna? 1-2-3
Man: Oh, I see SDJ: really? KHJ: nods head
Taeyeon: Then, our Mir! *Q: Who's your ideal girl* G.O: She's right in front of you, isn't she?!
Mir: OHHII~ Seungho: *laugs* Ohhii~
G.O: You should sing her a song
G.O: The one who was waiting for this day, Mir-goon
TY: I see, even though we don't go into details i think i understand *smile*
*Q: name other 89's friends * TY: How about Onew? Onew: Among SNSD there really are alot, right?
TY: Like who? Onew: *can't remember* Taeyeon..
TY: Not us here! not us! Onew: there are many TY: Jessica, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri Onew: Yuri, that's right
TY. Then we'll ask Onew right away "Among us here, there's no one who's more XXX than me"
There's noone who appears more red-faced than me on viewable radio All: We acknowledge this! Onew: acknowledged!
TY: On viewable radio, It looks like you had a cup *she means alcohol, since asians often get red faces when drinking*
O: I wonder why it's like this? Sunny: You're not angry, right? TY: that's what i mean
TY. If you take a 2-shot with me, who's beside you Onew: Oh~ good idea!
TY: This is a request for the viewable radio-unnies Sunny: But if you do this, Taeyeon's nose will disappear
TY: Right now, the difference between my and Onew's face color is too big Onew: How can this be?
TY: truthfully, i'm in a full-makeup condition and Onew has no make-up TY: that's why it looks like this
JO: even though your face is red, your complexion is really good Sunny: I agree | Onew: huh? Me? | Sunny: yes, you | O: TY
TY: Then i'll say the opposite, There's no one with a whiter face than me Sunny: aigooo TY: I have nothing else...
TY: I'm not the best/most in anything... Onew & Sunny: it's boring! what is this?!
S: Onew already talked about faces
O: it a shame we already mentioned how you look like chick during the opening S: no, that's something we have already talked about
TY: There's no one who's as cute as me! Sunny: omo~ what's wrong with you! TY: 1-2-3
Sunny: I can't acknowledge that! why are you doing this, seriously! Onew: let's go into a cuteness battle!
TY. What? What did you say onew? Onew: *laugh* ah..uhm....that's cute...
S: Weren't you gonna skip this, since you didn't want to do it? Onew: no~ TY: Onew, what did you say?
S: What are you doing? Hyosung: wha~ the best S: Hurry, do something else! TY: I apologize
TY: We're SNSD, we shouldn't be doing this Onew: My face just became more red, right?
*playing: SNSD - The boys* sorry for bad sound! B1A4 - Baro
JHD: Who does Baro want to be close with? Baro: For me...uhm, SNSD-sunbaenims
JDH: Who? Baro: Ah, in SNSD? JDH: yes, say it comfortably
Baro: Taeyeon-sunbaenim
Yonghwa: When i was in high school i really liked SNSD My whole class, ah~ who didn't like them?
YH: Among them i was Taeyeon's fan, i really liked her
Taemin, Onew, Key & Yonghwa dancing to Taeng's Hoot part * notice Yonghwa doing her pose in back, cute*