Installing 5 1⁄4 inch floppy drive on Windows 7!

Uploaded by NathanielChristopher on 05.02.2012

Okay so today what I’m doing is I’m going to install
this five and a quarter inch floppy drive
onto my Windows 7 64 bit computer
and you can see the back it’s a Fujitsu
Uhm it uses a regular power connector
and uhm the cord is a bit different Because you can only put it on one way
it’s one of these and uhm this is where you’d put your
you’d put your two, you’d put your A drive and your B drive on this one cord
so I’m going to do that
Housemate bought this he said in 1994
and he said used in computers until about 2000
when the screws would no longer fit the new cases
so I’m going to go install this right now.
Here is my computer
What I have done is I’ve taken the other DVD drive out
and I put the floppy in there
and so this is the only disc we have that will actually work
so here we go
Okay so here is my monitor setup
there is my one monitor the other and that is me looking at you
Okay so I’m checking for the disc
and there it is.
Floppy disc A and, just so you can see it
There is a Zip file that was edited in 2004
Now Housemate had gone up to campus
and he needed to bring his chemistry reports or something home
and the normal A drive wasn’t working so he just used the B drive, as this was called then
and that’s what these are and unfortunately they won’t open
so this will just sit there for five minutes and give an error message
but we can view the file which is kind of cool.
So there you go. We’ve revived the B drive.