Mothers Day Gift Ideas : Cutting A Mother's Day Card

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

The first card I'm going to be showing you today is a Mother's Day Card, and here' the
finished product, so let's get started. First, thing I'm going to do is take my piece of
card stock, which is eight in a half by eleven, and go ahead and cut it at five in a half.
This makes your standard size card. So, I'm going to cut it at five in half, just put
this piece aside, and then go ahead and score at four and a quarter, and I can go ahead
and fold that in half, and now we?re getting ready to stamp. First thing I'm going to do
is using my wheel, and were using the set together that coordinates it's wonderful "u",
and the wheel that stems in silhouettes, and to place my wheel into the handle, I just
slip it here, click it in with both thumbs, and I'm going to take my ink pad, and ink
up my wheel, and you always want to start off the paper, and roll off the papers. So,
I'm going to start off, and roll off, just like that. If you don't feel like you can
wheel in a straight line, we have a tool for that, and all you do is lay your tool down,
and follow that edge.