Public Speaking Tips : How to Close a Public Speech

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2007

Hello! My name is Scott. I am the name tag guy from, on behalf
of Expert Village. We are here to learn about public speaking. In today’s episode, we
are going to talk about closing your speech. The odds are your audience is only going to
remember two things, right, the first thing you say and the last thing you say, so the
end of your speech does take a little finesse. Here are four critical components that make
an unforgettable closure.

#1 Let them know. Make sure that you use summary sentences
that inform that you are almost done. Here is an example: finally or lastly or as I conclude
my program tonight ladies and gentleman, you get the point.

#2 CTA or Call To Action.
Tell them what you want them to do. Think differently, act differently, whatever, just
be sure they know when they walk out of the door, what you want them to change.

#3 Closure. Consider closing with a powerful story or an illustration. You can use a quote,
a song lyric or anything else to leave in their mind when they get out that front door.
And lastly, do not forget to thank your audience. Let me share with you the closing that I have
been using for years, in hundreds of speeches to all of my clients. Ladies and gentlemen,
before I conclude, I would like to share one final piece of advice with you. Do not be
friendly, be approachable. Do not be memorable, be unforgettable. Do not just be some guy,
be that guy and as a result you will make a name for yourself. Hey! That is my closing.
I hope you can discover yours too.