[SUB-EN] Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question of the Month?

Uploaded by ThinkAtheism on 01.12.2009

So this video may not include Fox News’s dumbest anti-atheist question of the year
because after all back in January I did upload a video showing a Fox and Friends anchor reacting
to President Obama’s inaugural address mentioning non-believers by asking if mentioning atheists
as actually offensive. But the question I saw asked on Fox News yesterday was definitely
a contender, it came at the end of a story about the decision of a Pennsylvania town
to stop allowing holiday displays in the town square, that you can see a teaser for the
story here. [Fox News Anchor] All holiday displays completely
banned, why folks in one town chose to ditch the holiday instead of allowing atheists to
celebrate in their town. [Liberal Viewer] Hmm now not only is that
teaser exaggerated because the town only stopped allowing holiday displays in the town square
and this nativity display may be relocated across the street to the presperterian church,
but blaming the decision on atheists for wanting to erect a sign in the town square celebrating
the solstice and honouring atheist war veterans is also an exaggeration because Fox and Friends
had already heard from council man Glen Mans that the towns real concerns were about opening
up the town square as a forum for any display as you can see in this clip.
[Glen Mans] Our concerns weren’t so much about the display of an atheist sign, I think
our community was big enough to withstand that. But there are numerous other organisations
out there, some would be considered hate organisations, some anti-American, and we really didn’t
want to see the centre of our square become a forum for political hate speech.
[Liberal Viewer] Now that explanation is a little different from the teaser claiming
that all holiday displays had been banned in that town to stop atheists from celebrating
but the dumbest anti-atheist spin in this story came at the end when Fox News anchor
Ainsley Earhardt asked a question about why the proposed sign from the Pennsylvania non-believers
group would honour atheist war veterans, that you can see here.
[Ainsley Earhardt] My question is: If they want to honour the veterans that have passed
away but they’re atheists who don’t believe in life after death, who are they really honouring?
[Male Anchor] Mmm, you just got all esoteric on me, I don’t know if I can handle that.
[Liberal Viewer] Huh I don’t think esoteric was the right word to describe that question,
I think dumb would be closer especially because it makes it sound like Ainsley Earhardt honours
the dead not out of love or respect but only because she’s worried they’re watching
her. But I want to know what you think. [Remainder follows on screen]