Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Episode 4

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"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: What's up, y'all?
This is Dance Showdown.

"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: What up, y'all?
This is your boy, D-Trix, from The Dominic Show.
I'm super-amped to tell you guys that today is the
performance day for The Dance Showdown.
We've seen 12 YouTube stars transform themselves from
dancing fools--
-And slide.
-Close the door.
My husband can't do anything right.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you OK?
"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: --into fools that can dance.

"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: In just a minute, I'm going to show you
guys all 12 performances and tell you what I think of each
of their dancing skills.
But what really matters is what you guys think.
So guys, please, watch these performances and vote.
Your guys' votes will decide which four YouTubers will go
to the next round and a chance to win $25,000 and get crowned
Dance Showdown champion.
Now remember, you little YouTubers, this is not a
popularity contest.
This is a dance competition.
So vote for who you think has the cleanest dance moves, the
most execution, and has the most swag.
And please, please don't be voting for someone just
because you and your wife were playing "Chocolate Rain" on
your guys' wedding day--
"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: --or just because you think someone has
a hot body, a cute face, and some big ol' boobies.
Sorry, Woody.
You do got a nice rack, but it takes more than that to win
the dance showdown.
And guys, don't vote for someone just because you want
Obama Girl and Bryan to hook up or Kherington and
xJawz to, you know--

XJAWZ: I think I have a crush on Kherington.
"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Sorry, bro.
Kherington just paged me.
And she let me know that she ain't feeling it that way.
So get your head out of the gutter.
And remember, it's about the dance.
All right.
It's that time to check out the extended looks at each
We got Tay Zonday and Lauren Froderman.
Now, I definitely love the storytelling and I definitely
love coming in with the car.
I would say, overall, this guy had the most amount of dance
choreography to remember.
And the best part about this piece is probably Lauren,
because Tay Zon--
you are ruining this-- what are you doing?
You've got an awesome, sexy voice.
But it's not helping you in this dance piece.
Tay Zonday, what are you thinking, man?
"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: I don't know what you're thinking, but
it's all good because you look adorable out there.
I don't know how I feel about calling another man adorable,
but whatever.
And hopefully, we'll see you next week.
We got Obama Girl and Bryan Tanaka.
Damn, You hella fine--
Obama, you cute, too, girl.
Choreography, great job.
Selling the choreography in such a short amount of time.
I'm actually blown away by this performance because your
guys' chemistry is a little too strong.
I hope you all ain't doing nothing bad.
Or if you are, y'all filming it and y'all
can send it to me.
And I'll check it out and make sure it's
really good and naughty.
Anyway, the dancing--
let's see, I was paying attention to your breasts.
Your dancing was great.
I was paying attention to your face.
Your dancing was awesome.
Great job, and I really do hope you make
it to the next round.
Good Neighbor.
Oh my god.
Good Neighbor and Ian Eastwood.
This is probably one of my favorite numbers, for sure.
Because y'all are so funny in your guys' videos.
And you can see it on the stage.
You guys got this Charlie Chaplin
mixed with Three Stooges.
And it's just brilliant.
You guys are storytelling the whole time.
The only little thing, the only bad thing, I would have
to say, is that sometimes you guys were thinking at times.
But I don't care.
You guys gave me a roller coaster of
excitement in my pants.
And I love it.
Good job, Good Neighbor.
I hope you guys go to the next round.
Because if you don't, then I'm going to punch someone in
their face.
Kingsley and Kherington.
Oh, man.
Kingsley, you can dance, man.
You got that natural groove.
You remembered the choreography.
The performance wasn't as high as I would have thought it
would've been.
But I'm just blown away that you can move like that.
And for a dude that don't really care for [BLEEP], and
you got it in your face, you was rocking it like you did
like it in your face.
And she was loving it.
She was trying to turn you straight.
She was trying to turn you straight, Kingsley.
Are you going to let that happen?
Are you?
Good job, though.
Hannah Hart and Lauren.
I think this was the most adorable piece
out of all of them.
And I'm actually blown away on how much jazz
you were doing, Hannah.
I didn't expect you to-- there was a lot of
dancing in this routine.
The storytelling was great with the
shoes and the stilettos.
I love it.
But overall, you were just selling it to the camera and
the people at home that you can perform this.
"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: You is the shit.
You and Lauren together, I would
definitely love to see more.

xJawz and Kherington.
Oh my God. xJawz, if you were trying to seduce a girl,
especially Kherington, you can't be looking awkward when
you're dancing.
You got to give her the pelvic thrust.
You can't even walk like that.
You can't do the things you're doing, man.
Show her your game piece, you know what I'm saying?
Show her your manlihood.
And by dancing like that, that's not doing it.
I'll vote for you, though.
HotforWords and Ian.
Oh, man.
HotforWords and Ian.
there wasn't too much chemistry in this piece.
And it's weird because Ian's underage and you're overage--
not older, but you're overage.
And that's just weird.
HotforWords, I will say this.
The dancing might not have been there, and you might have
forgotten some of the steps.
But I want to give it up for wardrobe real quick for
putting you in that skanky stuff.
Because if I was just a regular person at home, I
would definitely stay watching it over and
over and over again.
I'd probably vote for that booty--
I mean, for your dance.
SeaNanners and Lauren.
My favorite part about SeaNanners and Lauren was
probably the intro robot stuff.
And then you lost me at the fist-pumping stuff.
But once again, kind of like xJawz, I don't expect the
gamers to be that great.
But I'm actually blown away by how much choreography you
I felt like Lauren was throwing all of her partners a
lot of choreography.
And for you guys to remember all that stuff?
I give it up to you guys.
I have a bad memory, man.
I have a bad memory, man.
I have a bad memory, man.
And for you to remember all that stuff-- yo.
Overall there was a little bit of awkward
moments and awkward movement.
But you was feeling it.
I thought it was good.
WhatsUpElle and Bryan Tanaka.
Overall, my favorite performance out of all 12.
Because she knows how to dance and she's doing
choreography right.
And her chemistry with Bryan is absolutely amazing.
Bryan, you did such a good job with her and
having great moments.
And the chemistry--
I feel like all of Bryan's pieces, all three girls were
just absolutely amazing.
And by this one, it definitely has to be my favorite.
Adorable, cute, well thought out, and overall
just a great job.
Ellie is the truth.
Mad props to Eliie and your baby.
Is it Bryan's?
Lana McKissack and Bryan Tanaka.
Lana, you were beautiful, sexy.
You have to be an actress because you were just selling
Great moments on the table, once again.
You guys were dancing with each other.
And I love it when you can see the chemistry.
You was feeling him, he was feeling you.
The difficulty level was good.
It was high.
She might not have the biggest YouTube following, but she
definitely deserves it.
Man, Bryan, if you show me your abs one more time, I'm
about to freaking touch them.
Bryan, I'm not even into dudes, but
you hecka-fine, man.
JLovesMac and Ian Eastwood.
I thought the routine was cool.
I mean, I thought she was definitely cute and Ian was
selling it.
I wish their chemistry was a little bit tighter.
The shoes thing was definitely a great story, again.

"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: My favorite part about JLovesMac and Ian
Eastwood would definitely be when they're sitting down and
they're doing the feet choreography,
footwork stuff together.
Definitely loved that part.
Good comedy, good stuff.
I wish there was more dancing and better chemistry.
But good job.
WoodyGamerTag and Kherington.
This had me laughing so hard.
But I don't know if I was laughing like, ha-ha, that's
whack or ha-ha, she's adorable.
I don't know.
I think it's half and half.

"D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: The gamer aspect, he woke up and he was
controlling Kherington.
If he was really trying to control Kherington, you would
figure out the button that took off her clothes because
that's what's going to get you more votes.
Come on!
Or is that weird because you're probably twice her age?
I don't know.
All right, y'all.
Those are my thoughts.
Now I want to know yours.
So make sure you leave them in comment box below.
And remember, vote!
Check out the full performances at
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