How to import file in Adobe InDesign CS5

Uploaded by markzwareTV on 18.10.2011

Today's how to tutorial is How to import file
in InDesign CS5. There are several ways to import files into InDesign CS5.
show you a few of them today and a couple of advanced tricks for tricky types of file formats.
Okay, let's get started on How to import file
in Adobe InDesign CS5, or, for that matter, also CS5.5.
Alright, so I've made a new
document here, which is quite easy, as go File > New Document
and we can make a print or web document.
I'll just stick with print for now.
Web is exactly the same, more or less. How can we important a file into InDesign CS5?
Under File, there is also
Import options.
One of them is to Import XML.
Another way to import a file into
InDesign CS5, particularly an image, is simply to do a Command-E
on the Macintosh or place
the file.
We can select the file,
choose Open,
and click where we want that file
in our document. We saw a fox this day run across right here.
Another neat way
is placed on Buzzword.
Buzzword is Adobe's new online
document sharing and editing system.
Many people ask
when starting this how to import file
into Adobe InDesign CS5 is simply how do you get a Word document in here?
How do you get the text from a Word file into Adobe InDesign CS5?
It's actually quite
easy. You just
go here and
create a text box,
which most of us know how to do,
and go over here and we grab
a Word document here, you know. We just got a Word file here and we've just got to drag and drop it
into that text box.
Watch this!
It just all pops right over.
Don't need to open it
and do all this other fancy dancy stuff. It just comes right on
over in.
That's a real handy tip to
get a file into InDesign CS5, and, in this case, a Word file,
but there's more! How can I get
a Quark file into InDesign?
Well, that's where the Markzware menu item, which shows up here,
comes into play.
How can you get a Quark file into InDesign CS5 is quite easy with Markzware's Q2ID.
Here, you see in this video,
you simply go up to the Markzware menu item and choose
convert Quark file
"Convert QuarkXPress Document".
It's that easy!
Another way to import a file into InDesign CS5 is to
go to Edit
Paste in Place.
The way you do that is you go into, for instance,
an image, like this image here. You select All.
Edit. Copy that image.
and you go
back into your
InDesign file and you click Edit,
Paste in Place.
And you can go in and
add that image where you'd like to.
Very handy!
You can also copy
and then paste text into the document, as well.
So, that's how to import a file into InDesign CS5,
just a few ways how you can import files into InDesign CS5.
Markzware also has a Pub2ID
importer, as well,
which is Microsoft Publisher right into InDesign.
Very handy! That was the how-to tutorial for today.
Hope you enjoyed it. David Dilling from Markzware,
signing off.