Gönülçelen )) Episode 18 - Part 1/6 [English Subtitles]

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you never told me who my mom was Murat Hoca
stop.. don’t say anything
I was going to tell you
but you didn't. You knew everything before the concert
you were going to ruin your future
It was the right thing for you to do to go on stage
You were scared I wouldn't go on that stage if I learned before the concert
You were scared for your own future...
Not for me. You were more important
Mrs. Saime..
Saime said she would explain everything to you after the concert
But when you were on stage..
I get it.. but don’t tell me it was for my own good
I have been missing my mom ever since I was born
I looked at women with their daughters passing by when I was selling flowers
I imagined how my mother would be
I wondered how it would feel if she kissed my cheek once. If she hugged me
I was crumbling up inside and you think that that stage was important??
Don’t touch me
Hasret please..
I trusted you so much. I believed in you
But you played a game like she did
She never told me she was my mom
I found her at the train station when she was running away
But you never told me
You did not say your mother is here Hasret
You lied to my face here, at the lake, at the concert...
Do you think music is so important when compared to all this?
It's over Murat Hoca. It's over...
I'm out.. I'm going..
what the hell do you think you're doing??
how would I know you would be hiding the Saime issue from her?
- I was not keeping it a secret - oh yeah? It doesn't look like that to me
I was going to tell her and this is also none of your business
yes really!! If you hadn't screwed everything up I was going to tell her
I didn't do it on purpose. Don’t you get it?
And I don't get a kick out of telling your secrets to people
what’s going on? Levent?
I can hear both your voices from downstairs? Are you both little children or what?
excuse me..
Murat? Aren’t you going to explain it to me?
later.. I've to go now
- Hasret!! - Murat!!
Murat what is going on?
I've to go find Hasret
Isn’t all this scandal enough for you?
Everyone came for you and they're waiting for you upstairs. What will I tell them
tell them whatever you want I don’t care!!!
stop shouting at me
Ok. Then I'll tell you with a lower voice..
I don't give ***k about the guests
Koray did you see Hasret?
she just left in a cab
- good night Cobra.. - ok let's get off here. Good night
Gülnaz my flower.. was the ride comfortable
a bit bumpy and tiring
It might be yes..
Oh I can't take it.. look at you all lovey dovey..
oh don’t be jealous. You'll love someone too some day
oh just give me my money..
I can't spend the whole night with you guys
as if you have anything better to do
I've more important things to do than you do
At the end of the day I'm a lead singer and you're just a petty tailor
Oh I see. She's jealous because we're engaged
She is so ugly.. I just want to smash her face in
look at me girl.. !!
ok ok.. stop it you two, fighting in the middle of the night
Take your money and go
what the hell is this
your money
who are you trying to kid? I'm a lead singer. First class
I think you're mistaking yourself with Hasret
As if you're on the newspapers everyday
If I leave this neighborhood. You'll cry after me
yeah right!!
Cobrettin.. will you walk me home?
of course I will.. come on then..
excuse me
Where have you been. It is rude for the guests
Murat and Levent had an argument. I guess it is about Hasret
where is Mr. Murat anyway?
oh he just got an inspiration about his new composition
He's writing it down upstairs...You know how he is..
so tell me how was work?
fine? Is that all?
yes.. so?
I don’t understand...
am I loudmouthed or are you guys uncommunicative
well it is a fact that yes you talk too much
are you calling me a loudmouth?
well no
oh yeah?? I'll rip off your ears..
who the hell is that at this hour?
it must be Cobra
no it can’t be him
Oh hasret? What are you doing at this time of night outside?
Have you been crying? Oh come on in..
come and tell me what’s wrong..
well the last of the guests have gone
Murat I don't want to say the same things over and over again
but we're only worried about you. All we want is your happiness
It's true. You're punishing yourself because of that girl
it was obvious from the start that she was unreliable
See.. You cannot be with Hasret.. It's not working
It's never too late to understand your mistake. Just forget about her
so that’s all.. simple?
Just forget.. don’t be upset..
what else did you expect us to say?
We all know how much effort you put into training Hasret
And look what she has done. She never appreciated your efforts
Anytime there is an event she just packs up and leaves
She does not care about a career, success or even music
mom how important is a career, success, to be applauded? Music?
It's very important. You're here thanks to your music
yes but where am I exactly??
If it is the one you love who does such a thing it hurts more doesn’t it?
I trusted him so much..
but he broke my heart
oh never mind. You'll make up again. Right?
You will won’t you?
he really did break my heart
look.. What I have on my finger?
a ring?
no it's a seal for the tap.. look he gave me a ring
I told him you'll see me in your dreams if you didn't get me a ring a couple of days ago
Is that what you told him?
yes.. Oh you believe everything everyone says
yes but you didn't tell me exactly what happened?
What did he say to you when he proposed and gave you the ring.. tell me
Is that your phone?
It must be Murat. I'm not going to speak to him
seriously no?
No I won't speak to him
Hasret.. Look he really thought he was doing you a favor maybe..
you used to say so yourself that Murat Hoca always knows what’s best
No.. this time he didn't know what’s best.. he made a huge mistake
Murat? Murat!!
Murat where are you going? Murat!!
Hasret? Oh did I scare you? You're wet
Why should I be scared.. you guys are here
Oh you look like a wet rat..
I can't stand it when you're upset.. ohhh…
what’s going on here.. all that hugging, I'll be jealous
Oh come here you little rascal..
We're ok. Like this huh?
yes we are
We're like the three.. the three.
you know..