Tennis champ's citizenship ceremony

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 03.12.2009

I'm very proud and happy to become an Australian.
I wouldn't change it for anything.
[conferees speaking in unison] I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people... I feel
very excited, very happy and proud to stand here.
I've been here a couple of years now.
So, finally it's here, finally it's done and hopefully I'll be able to represent
Australia very well and everybody will be happy with me.
[singing national anthem] I mean, we see a lot of the world, we see a lot of places and

I don't think there's really anywhere else that compares to being home here in Australia.
Just to be able to represent Australia and to be Australian, not necessarily just on the
tennis court - to actually to be Australian - it's something I'm very proud of and I
think, something Jamila will be very proud of too.