Health Care Injuries: Worse than you think

Uploaded by WorkSafeBC on 08.09.2011

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Our next item is for all of you health care workers.
We have a brand new contest starting right now.
We’re going to pick 10 lucky workers who will get two months paid time off.
Now who doesn’t want paid time off? I know I do.
And apparently so do you because the switchboard just lit up like a Christmas tree.
So hang on a minute and let me give you the details.
To get the time off, there will be some pain involved.
It’ll mean medical appointments, disruption of your schedule, loss of sleep,
changes to your personal and professional relationships, and a whole lot more.
Now of the 10 workers, five are going to get back and shoulder injuries caused by lifting patients or moving heavy objects.
One lucky worker will get to slip and fall, possibly breaking a bone.
One’s going to be hit by the person they’re caring for.
And another?
They’re going to contract an infectious disease. And how about the last two?
Well guess what? They’re going to get some other really cool surprise.
You’ve got the details. Let’s go to the phones. Caller one, you’re on the air!
[Dial tone] No? Line two, go ahead.
[Dial tone] Line two? No.
Kathy from Burnaby, hey talk to me. [Dial tone]
Does anybody want to win a contest today? The phone lines are open. Line four.
Health care workers are injured on the job more than any other workers in British Columbia.
Workplace injuries: one contest you don’t want to win.
Should we go to commercial?
Let’s go to commercial.