EFR Deaf Services Fundraising Appeal

Uploaded by EFRorg on 27.04.2011

Beginning this July the funding for an essential service, Deaf Case Management will go away.
With it, goes the voice for barrier-free communications and connections for deaf and hard of hearing
Each year this program assists deaf and hard of hearing people by providing individualized
solutions to help them be self sufficient and productive citizens.
It's a safety net that catches people who would be overlooked because of that hearing
Through this critical program they find help with employment, medical care, and housing--everyday
needs we take for granted.
Please join the campaign.
If you or someone in the community can help EFR restore and secure Deaf Case Management
services contact us.
If we don't gather advocates who will give voice to these communities, who will?
Please forward this video to people you know.
And for funding suggestions call Monica Wilke-Brown, Director of Community Services at 515-471-2335