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SHEENA: Sarah Bareilles puts on her dancing shoes.
Just Dance catches up with So You Think You Can Dance on
tour, and Saturday Night Live gets jazzy
with Melissa McCarthy.
This is Just Dance for October 6, 2011.
SHEENA: Hey guys, Sheena here.
Another month is done and gone.
September of 2011--
it's over.
Check it off your calendars.
Singing sensation, the adorable Sarah Bareilles just
launched her new music video, "Gonna Get Over You," which is
a fun, light, and bouncy song for what is actually a
heartbroken story.
According to Sarah's new video, let's say you just had
a really bad break-up, and you're kind of a
hot mess over it.
What you should do is go to your nearest grocery store,
dressed in a leather jacket, of course, and just dance up
and down the aisles like crazy.
Tap a random stranger on the shoulder.
They will probably transform into a leather jacket wearing
dancer who knows all the choreography you're
about to bust out.
It'll make you feel so much better about your breakup.
Sarah is dancing all over this music video although she is a
self-proclaimed non-dancer.
It took a lot of guts, patience, and practice to get
this up on its feet.
Choreographed by Michael Rooney, and directed by
Superbad's, Jonah Hill, this video's definitely one you
want to go check out.
Choreographer Danielle Flora had her hands full this week
with a very dance-heavy episode of Saturday Night
Live, hosted by Melissa McCarthy.
During Melissa's opening monologue she expressed how
much she absolutely loves doing comedy, acting and
singing, but,--
--my true, true passion has always been dance.
SHEENA: So she was immediately joined by a cast of amazing,
hot, fierce back-up dancers, but they just weren't quite
good enough for Melissa's act that she had in mind, so gave
them a hook really quick and brought on her true
professional dance partner, Kristen Wiig.
Danielle Flora also got to show off some of her rhythm
skills when she turned an entire group of office workers
into the cast from Stomp, who fought off and killed a group
of alien invaders, aka, The Blue Man Group.
-This is our planet.

-Was that Blue Man Group?
SHEENA: I grew up as a competitive dancer, and
watching Dance Moms is like watching my life over again,
with the lashes, costumes, choreography, studio
rivalries, titles, crowns, everything.
It all brings me back.
Very exciting news for Dance Moms addicts.
Season two just got picked up for Lifetime so you'll be able
to watch it all over again.
We just caught up with the star of the
show, Abby Lee Miller.
Let's check in with her now.
ABBY LEE MILLER: Hello, my name is Abby Lee Miller.
I'm representing Dance Moms.
When I originally spoke with the producers about doing the
show I wanted them to do two things--
show as much dancing as possible, which, in the future
I hope we show more dancing, and I hope we
also show more dancers.
When children come in to do a solo with me I make them walk
in the door with a piece of paper, and they have three
jumps, three turns, three tricks that they do well, and
I make sure that I try to incorporate those
within their piece.
I always look at the episodes, and everyone's talking about
how mean I am and how tough I am on the girls.
And all I'm looking at is my hair going, why didn't
somebody tell me hair looked bad?
I just want to tell everybody to make sure you're on board
for Dance Moms, season two.
SHEENA: All you Dancing with the Stars fans, definitely
check out DanceOn's new show, FYI, where Tiana and Nathan
are going to bring you a full recap this week of what
happened on week three.
The cast of So You Think You Can Dance
Season 8 is on the road.
They're on tour.
We just caught up with some of the dancers.
Let see what's going on out there.
JESS LEPROTTO: I'm Jess LeProtto.
RICKY JAIME: and I'm Ricky Jaime.
JESS LEPROTTO: And we're out on the road with So You Think
You Can Dance Tour 2011.
JESS LEPROTTO: Well, I guess the fans can really expect to
see a lot of their favorites from the show.
RICKY JAIME: Definitely.
JESS LEPROTTO: What they probably
wanted, like on Facebook.
They've been tweeting about it constantly.
And some new ones too.
RICKY JAIME: The show's non-stop and there are 50
numbers, and we're performing in half of them.
CLARICE ORDAZ: Opening moment was great.
The opening night in Orlando was so surreal because I've
never had a show like that, with that
with that many people.
And, you know, the show's all about us so it's just a great
feeling to be up there.
CAITLYNN LAWSON: It's been amazing on the road.
It's been crazy because on the show you hear a number of how
many people watch the show.
And you try to imagine it, but then actually going around and
seeing all these people is insane, like how people
actually watch the show and how many people it's affected.
It's been really cool.
RICKY JAIME: And we're all getting a lot closer.
This little one right here is like my little brother, and I
always bother him and I'm just--
JESS LEPROTTO: We're pretty much like the show-- we're
with each other, like, 24/7.

SHEENA: A new movie is hitting theaters this Friday, October
7th, entitled Dirty Girl.
Wild child Danielle cannot be tamed, and she teams up with
social outcast, Clark, to go on a cross country road trip
to find her original father.
There are some hilarious parts in this movie, and they even
do the dolphin.

-You don't know who you're dealing with.

SHEENA: A new Vietnamese dance film, Saigon Electric, is
hitting the United States this week.
Now, you might have to read the subtitles to understand
the dialogue in the movie, but anybody can see how fierce
this dancing is.
You are going to see an appearance from America's Best
Dance Crew winners, Poreotics, and also a slew of different
types of dancing, including ribbon dancing.

Hugh Jackman is hitting the big screen again this weekend
in his new blockbuster, Real Steel--
robots, robots, robots--
which is somewhat like giant, Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots meets
millions of dollars.
Choreographers Anne Fletcher and Glee's resident
choreographer, Zach Woodley, had a lot to
do with this project.
I haven't seen much dance from the robots so
far, but who knows?
If we're lucky, there will be a robot kick line--
one of my dreams.
All right everybody, get out of here.
Go eat some candy corn, have a pumpkin-flavored latte.
I'll bring you the news next week on our 50th episode, so
that's pretty exciting.
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