[Eng Sub] 2012 SNSD Taeyeon's celebrity fanboys - Part 2

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*Game Rules for the Girl group name battle* You cannot mention the same girlgroup as the other person
B: not right after, for example if Sistar's Bora is mentioned the other person cannot say Sistar's Hyorin,
But he can mention someone else and then the girlgroup can be mentioned again, just not back to back
Beast member: Jessica HS: Taeyeon, You can't do it like this, right?
B: Why did you mention Taeyeon all of a sudden?
HS: 4Minute Jihyun JH: Chocolate Tia *HS had a normal reaction to Tia's name*
HS: Sistar Hyorin JH: SNSD's Taeyeon *HS reaction*
YS: 2NE1 Park Bom GK: Apink Chorong
YS: 4Minute Sohyun GK: SNSD Taeyeon
YS: Apink Naeun
GK: TaeTiSeo - Taeyeon
DW: You can't say that! HS: That's not right! DJ: Is it okay for him to say it? although it's a SNSD unit?
*Everyone arguing* GK: Why? Why?
B: First he mentions SNSD Taeyeon and then he says TTS Taeyeon This calls for a time-out!
GK: SNSD Taeyeon, TTS Taeyeon
Mir: My ideal girl is Taeyeon-noona
GK: SNSD Taeyeon, TaeTiSeo Taeyeon
*Everyone arguing*
DJ: This is like saying BEAST Lee Gikwang and then say AJ *GK old artist name*
B: Everyone hold on! *Goes for the judges ruling*
Everyone: If he admits to liking her it's okay? *PD gave it thums up*
B: Everyone wait! The result is in~
B: The problem is that he mentioned Taeyeon's unit group as well
GK: For him to mention everything related to her, He must really have a special place in his heart for Taeyeon
And because his heart and feelings seem really deep We'll approve of this happening~
Baro: Everyone, do you guys hate me? Fans: YES!
Baro: I like SNSD Taeyeon-sunbaenim the most
JY: Should I hit him? Fans: YES!
SD: I'll hit him instead~ Fans: *Cheering*
B: Everyone, you know that the truth is i really like you all, right?
B: Singing SNSD's song OH! and The Boys
DJ: I...I...I like SNSD Taeyeon-noona
DJ: If newsarticles about this are made...in about 1 hour.. I'm afraid that our fans won't show due to this confession
DJ: So i think that taking your time to release the newsarticles seems like a good idea, do it slowly..
DJ: Let the fans enter the venue first...then you can tell them If not i'll get scolded...
DJ: I really..Taeyeon-noona is really...acceptable Kevin: He really likes her!
DJ: If you say it like that, what am i suppose to do?
DJ: Truthfully, I've been a fan since back when i went to school
DJ: I personally told her I was a fan as well and she answered..really?
JO: This is what i am most curious about, ideal types! Has there been any changes from what you said when you debuted?
JO: Especially to Sungyeol-shi, do you still like Taeyeon?
*Everyone getting excited and laughing*
JO: *Can't really hear but i think he says something that kind of means Sungyeol + Taeyeon = love* SY: Why? Why?
SY: ah... JO: Tell us truthfully~ SY: Okay, i'll be honest.....i still like her now
JO: I Twinkle, what should i do? *TaeTiSeo's song*
JO: I like her so much, what should i do? *sung to the Twinkle beat*
JO: Like I was joking earlier when i said, you guys love her, right? But you...Do you like Taeyeon that much?
SY: I have been a huge fan since i was younger, and also
SY: Back then when i was a student while seeing her on TV, I had those feelings of getting a fluttering heart, but now
SY: As we stand on the same stages...'cause as you know my dream came true, right? Because of that I become more, it's more-
JO: There are people who feel like that too...
SJ: Nowadays I'm watching TTS-sunbaenim's Twinkle performances
L pointing to Woohyun *It's been noted that Woohyun often pick Taeyeon for different rankings like Best voice etc.*
Fanboys Woohyun and Sungyeol do the Twinkle-dance
E: Shout-out to Taeyeon from Girls' Generation!
KM: She's a really good singer, right? E: Good singer!
E: I love you
KM: ah..I really....yes...ah.. ?: He doesn't have words
Daniel: She's watching right now... Kwangmin: Really? D: Yes, i sent her a message