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Have you heard of the comet "Elenin"?
Well, if you get all your news from the major news sources like NBC, CBS, CNN,
Reuters, BBC etc.,
no, you have never heard of the comet "Elenin".
There is a tremendous news blackout
on this planetary object.
A lot of people are wondering is it
really a comet.
The only way I heard about it is because of the many videos on YouTube, and I want to thank
you for bringing this to my attention.
No one would know about "Elenin" if it weren't for the internet;
another reason why
eventually the internet will be shut down.
One of the most amazing mysteries surrounding comet Elenin
is that it was predicted thirteen years ago
by the Hollywood movie
"Deep Impact".
Now, I don't want to repeat what other YouTubers have already discovered;
on this program I want to talk about the amazing evil numerology
associated with both comet "Elenin"
and the movie
"Deep Impact".
But first, let's take a look
at the orbit of "Elenin" and how it will cross the orbit of planet earth
later this summer and fall.
On the wall chart behind me
you can see the orbit for earth and
you can see the elliptical orbit
of comet "Elenin"
intersecting the orbit of earth.
Now, let's look at some of the
important historical dates for comet "Elenin".
Comet "Elenin" first entered our solar system
on November of 1994 when it crossed the orbit
of the planet Pluto.
Three-and-a-half years later
the Hollywood movie "Deep Impact" was released
which tells the story of a very similar comet and how it strikes planet earth.
Now, in February of this past year
an amazing occurance
was the Chilean earthquake
and it seems to have been associated with an alignment between Elenin,
earth and the sun,
and, in fact,
a few months later
there was another alignment,
on September 4th,
and another earthquake.
I don't think these are accidental.
I think we are going to see many more earthquakes
from comet Elenin.
Now, on December 10th of last year,
the comet was discovered by the amateur Russian astronomer,
Leonid Elenin.
In the movie "Deep Impact" it's interesting
that the comet is discovered by Leo Beiderman;
Leo Elenin, Leo Beiderman.
Is this another coincidence?
On March 11th there was another tremendous earthquake
in Japan
and this preceded another alignment by only four days.
Could it be that because the comet is much closer to earth and the sun
that its effects are occurring before the actual alignment.
I think we will soon find out.
And, in July
the comet will cross the orbit of planet earth.
Now, two more significant events in the life of comet Elenin
will occur on September 11,
and, of course, as you recognize,
9/11 is going to be the tenth anniversary
of the terror attacks in New York City,
and the two events are that the comet
will be closest
to the sun at that time,
that would be its perihelion,
it will also pass through the ecliptic at that time.
In other words,
up until then it has been below the plane of the earth
but, on September 11th, it will go above the plane of the earth,
and I have indicated that on this diagram with a darker line
indicating below the ecliptic
and a lighter line indicating above the ecliptic.
Now, I have taken this chart mainly from the JPL website
and on their diagram they do the same thing:
when the comet is below the ecliptic
that is indicated by a dark blue line
and when it is above the ecliptic by a lighter colored line.
Now, several weeks following the September 11th perihelion
and the breaking of the ecliptic, there is another alignment on September 27th.
Now, since this alignment does not line up perfectly with breaking the ecliptic,
there may not be an eclipse of the sun on that date,
as some are suggesting, on the other hand,
if the comet's tail is wide enough
there could be an eclipse.
And, please note that
four days before the 27th,
on September 23rd, there could well be an earthquake if it follows the same pattern
as the Japanese earthquake.
And, please note this evil number;
23, as we all know
is another way to express 666
because 2 is the number for man,
3 is the number for God,
and when you put 2 in front of 3
that symbolizes the fraction, two thirds,
and two thirds equals 666.
On October 16th,
comet Elenin
will be closest to earth.
Now, don't go by the scale on this chart because,
although they seem to be close together in this picture
that distance is actually
more than twenty million miles.
Now, a few weeks later on November 9th,
earth will pass through the debris tail of the comet.
Comets have two different tails.
One is the gaseous tail which always points away from the sun,
but there's also a debris tail
that follows after the comet.
We will pass through that
on the first week of November,
very possibly 11/9.
Notice the reversal there of 9/11.
I believe that will be another
significant date.
And, on November 23rd,
notice again another evil number, 11/23,
there will be yet another alignment
between comet Elenin, the sun,
and the earth.
Now, let's go to NASA's own JPL website
where we can verify
that both the perihelion
of comet Elenin
and its breaking of the ecliptic plane
both occur
on the tenth anniversary
of 9/11.
Here's the JPL program for comet Elenin, we see Elenin off here
in the upper left hand side.
Over here in the bottom right we see the date, this is set at May 1st,
and I will set this in motion and you can see the comet
go through the
orbit of earth
and exit up at the top of your screen.
You can see the days go by here,
June, July,
August, September,
and comet Elenin exits at the top of your screen
and leaves approximately in December.
Now, I will stop it
put it in reverse
and bring it back to approximately
the date of perihelion
in other words, near September 11th,
and, I've stopped it at September 5th,
so, let's advance it
to September 11th, and I think you will see
that exactly on that date
the comet breaks the ecliptic because here on the left you see the dark blue line which
indicates the comet is below the ecliptic,
on the right here you see the light blue line
which indicates the comet is above the ecliptic.
also on this date on the lower left hand side of your screen
you see that the comet is
.482 astronomical units
from the sun.
Now, if we go back just one day
to September 10th, down here on the right,
you'll see the comet is not quite at the ecliptic,
and you'll see that it is now .483 astronomical units.
And, if we advance it two days,
to September the 12th,
you'll see that it is
back up to .483 AUs,
and you can see that this comet is
beyond the breaking point
of the ecliptic and I will go back one day
to September 11th,
that is the only date that the comet is breaking the ecliptic,
and that is when the comet is closest to the sun;
that is its perihelion,
Now, this is very unusual.
Most comets have a different perihelion
from the date on which they break the ecliptic.
Now, let's take a look at some clips
from the prophetic movie
"Deep Impact".
we are going to find that there are some amazing numerical coincidences
in this film also.
Now, in this next scene,
the Leo Biederman family
is going into the safe, underground bunkers
and the tunnel they go into
is numbered "23".
23 is another number
for the antichrist.
Also, please notice the emblem above these tunnels
because it is in the shape of a hexagram.

Now, in this next clip, listen very carefully
and you will hear the female astronaut
start her countdown at the number 23.
First she says "25",
but then the captain interrupts
and arms the nukes.
Her countdown actually begins with the number 23. Listen very carefully.
Now, one number 23 in this movie would be a coincidence.
Two number 23s,
that becomes pretty obviously a plan,
But there are other 23s.
Now, in this chart which
lists Leo Biederman as the discoverer of the comet,
you'll notice that top center
in a list of numbers is the number 23.
Now, finding the number 23 is fairly obvious if you know what you're looking for,
but actually, the producers of this movie
tried to keep it a secret.
And, the same with
the number 911.
In this next scene, take a look at the clock
in the upper left-hand corner.
I think you will see
that it reads 9:11,
and after this clip I will
zoom in on the clock
and it becomes much more obvious.
An even better known number for the antichrist is 666
as found in the book of Revelation.
Please notice the highway distance marker in this next clip.
The number 6 is repeated for a second time
in this next clip but you have to look very carefully at the lower
right hand corner.
We find the third 6 in this 666 sequence
when the highway sign is shown for the third time
as the comet passes overhead.
Now, there are many more amazing correlations
between the movie Deep Impact
and comet Elenin,
and you really should look at other videos on YouTube
because you're not going to find any information
about this comet anywhere else.
The message of the movie is that the government
can hide information about disasters from the public.
They can also build secret bunkers
to protect the elite.
And, they are planning on martial law
in the event
of such a catastrophe.
And, if you cannot expect the news media or the government
to tell you the truth about this comet,
who can you trust?
Now, the atheists are already making videos on YouTube
saying that all these
are just coincidences.
Of course, according to them, the entire universe is a coincidence.
But, these are not coincidences.
this is either one giant hoax,
or it's the hand of God.
Now, if this is the hand of God,
how can you find out about it?
What does the bible say?
Does the bible say to look to the government or to the news media?
The bible says that God does nothing
but that he reveals it
through his prophets,
and in part two of the series, I am going to reveal
that comet Elenin is a fulfillment
of bible prophecy,
and for your home work,
I want you to read the book of Revelation
where Jesus opens the 6th seal.
And, as always, if you would like a free copy of my book, "Revelation Unraveled",
you can write to the address you see on your screen
or you can send me a private message to my YouTube channel.