Blood Light - Ep. 5 Demunnification

Uploaded by Bloodlightseries on 14.09.2010

I fucking hate you Ethan. This isn't my fault.
You're TV won't work because you won't stop watching the stupid fucking show.
I wasn't watching it.
And now the gods are punishing me for your continued insolence.
You don't believe in god.
No I don't believe in one god, I believe that there is a counsel of
omnipotent dieti that takes some sort of perverse pleasure in punishing your
luckless vampiric ass.
Which is normally fine, but right now
I want to play Halo.
Almost done back here.
Thanks Jobin. Hello....
We are already ten minutes late. For what?
I made a bet this married couple in Florida if i can beat the husband in a
match, they have to name their unborn child after my gamertag.
Rannark. Two 'N's'.
Who are you Rumpelstiltskin?
There it is.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm celebrity spokesperson Olivia....
And there it goes.
I hate you,
fucking vamptard.
Attack of the Show is a good show.
You know what, screw Halo.
Okay, she has fucked with me for the last time.
It's time to Demunnify you.
Why do you hate Olivia Munn so much?
Because she isn't real.
She is a shell, an actress
paid to read lines off of a teleprompter.
She's funny, I like her.
No, you don't. You only think you do because your week will be easily influenced.
No, I'm not.
Really? Then explain to me why we are at your apartment yet I am first player.
your special edition collector's item Halo controller
for a system that's not working because of you!
And science.
Ethan, you are a follower.
You're sheepeople to these people.
They fool nerds by taking an attractive girl and having her
pretend to like the things that people like you really love.
Attractive? Connor, she's beautiful.
Of course she is.
She's half white and half Asian which makes her?
A mutt.
Olivia Mutt.
And half breeds always get a bonus to there charisma stats.
That's why they can become president,
or fuck every woman on the planet when not playing golf.
I mean, hell, Scott Speedman kicked ass in Underworld when he played a Werepire.
Uh... he did.
And it's Scott Speedman.
Olivia Munn is just a paid performer who's just acting nerdy.
And what do you call woman
gives you a fantasy in exchange for money?
Yeah...a prostitute.
She could have been
normal nine
but she wanted to be worshiped as a nerdy twelve.
And her lies,
have made her a whorish four.
She's not a whore.
When she...ah
She ah... picks up a video game controller what's the first thing that pops into your mind?
I wish controller was your penis. You wish the controller was your penis.
There it is.
And she knows that secret code for you buddy.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select....
Stop! Just stop.
Infinite lives have been lost.
Ethan she even tricked Jon Stewart into the letting her be a correspondent
on The Daily Show.
Oh my god.
She's a false god Ethan.
She's a false idol.
Like Moses.
You mean the Golden Calf?
No. I mean that lying Jew Moses.
He trickled those poor Israelite into believing that there was only one god.
There's more than one god? Counsel of deiti.
He was so charismatic.
Probably a half Jew.
Those poor gentile Hebrews worked
so hard to create beautiful golden shrine to Mooby.
But Moses just wanted them to worship him.
And O-Munn is just as dangerous
She already found a way to brainwash Jon Stewart
and lower the bar on The Daily Show.
Oh my god.
Her power is growing Ethan
You have no idea how dangerous a narcissistic sociopath can be.
She needs to be stopped Ethan.
And we both know
I'm the only one who can stop her.
Stop who?
Olivia Munn.
Who's Olivia Munn?
She kidnapped Jon Stewart's children threatened to rape them unless he
let her on The Daily Show.
She didn't rape his children.
The other alternative is that Jon Stewart of The Daily Show
sold out.
What's wrong with Olivia Munn?
She's a sucubus who lies to men about who she is.
You constantly lie to women about who you are.
So you're just as hypocritical as she is.
No, because my women get something from me.
I get it.
Attack of the show casts Olivia Munn for her hotness
and not for whatever area of expertise she supposedly reporting on.
See, I'm proud of you young padawan.
Their are people who are worthy of your respect.
You have Joss Whedon,
Stephen Colbert,
who ever invented The L Word.
But a show has to earn your loyalty.
You see?
You can't just
use some hot chick to pander to your audience's baser desires.
It's getting everywhere. SFX - Pop Music
It's so sticky. SFX - Pop Music
While having her pretend to enjoy the geek culture.
SFX - J-Pop Music
With this hand I can play my level 69 Night Elf Death Knight.
And with this hand I can do this.
While men
wait erections in hand to see what she'll dress up as next.
SFX - Soaring Orchestral Music
And then throw up a graphic and expect everyone to love you.
What the fuck are you looking at?
I have more bananas.