Gönülçelen )) Episode 46 - Part 1/6 [English Subtitles]

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I knew I would find you here
Are You ok? I was worried about you
I'm fine.. No need to worry
If you weren't upset you wouldn't come here
you know me well
I guess
you had found me here before…
I am sorry I ruined your night
Tonight is your night
our night
yes.. our night
I am lucky because I met you
I am lucky because I got to know you
I guess I don't trust anyone else except you
I need to explain a few things
what things?
I'm listening
It is not easy to explain these things
I don’t know where to start
In fact I..
this is so hard..
I know what you're going to tell me
You played a game and tricked me
Together with Ceren
You.. how..
You played a game to make me jealous
and I ate it all up
I confess I believed it like a fool
I followed you guys around
I even pretended I was sick
I went to the restaurant and waited for you two
I even fell on the cake
I then had to take a cab with cream all over me
and I cleaned up at the hospital
I lied to Levent.. I lied to my mom.. I lied to my sister
Hasret I..
so I would get jealous and leave Levent
but instead of all this
one sentence would have been enough for me
from the man I knew.. admired..
and loved
one sentence uttered by him ...
one honest sentence would've been enough
but you did not understand that
I punished myself by wearing that engagement ring
I even risked ending my life by this step
You can't punish me more than that..
Hasret.. I am really sorry..
don’t apologize..
don’t apologize..
I know you might say let's start over
you might say you are free..
Maybe you will even tell me you love me
Or you will ask me to marry you
You didn't need to play games to show me you loved me
You could have just said one clear and honest sentence
But Levent said these words to me instead of you
I now don’t want anything..
I can live alone from now on
what she told you is little of what you deserve
I would have said worse things
she was quite polite after what you did to her
I'm sorry.. I might have gone overboard
You did not expect such a reaction from Hasret, did you?
I was actually expecting her to act like that
That is why I could not bring myself to talk to her
so you think Hasret is right
we are both right in our own way of thinking
so you think you are both right
If you think like this you cannot solve this problem quickly
misunderstanding leads to stubbornness first
- and then you start arguing - not this time
I have no intention to give up on Hasret
She has a right to be mad at me
in time she'll understand why I played such a game
she'll forgive me
Exactly.. You both love each other
and there is no more barrier between you
All that is to be done is for her to forgive you
And I really wish she would forgive me too
I've to apologize to her, to Levent, and to Mrs. Saime of course
All because of you!!!
Oh! God
I thought there was something between Murat and that girl
I mean there was nothing between them
they were up to something.. you know what I mean
well the idea never crossed my mind
I though that Mr. Murat was a straightforward man
and would never do this way
he didn't do anything wrong.. He did this out of love
The man who loves would do everything
I really like the way Mr. Murat acted
Girl?? What will happen now?
concerning what sister?
I mean Mr. Murat
I don't know
you mean you won't reconcile?
what Murat did is not easy to swallow
but in the end it's Hasret's decision
Ok Mr. Murat did a sin but don't condemn him
haven't you heard the song that says..
there is no man without a sin
if I start naming my sins we start here
and reach Baghdad and I won't be done
but Gülnaz always forgives me
why? because she loves me
as long as love is around the rest is meaningless
I found it.. finally I found a job that suits me
I have to contact them myself
I have to go
what is it?
as a sales representative is a cloth store
maybe I'll succeed this time
won't you say anything about Mr. Murat?
what should I say? you had it all figured out yourself anyway
this is the end of the road
can't you do something Mr. Levent??
Try calling the bank one more time
you know that the bank gave me a loan not long time ago
we can't do anything
we are in so much debt
soon the creditors will come to collect their money
Sevgi, I thank you very much
you shared with me all my problems and worries
someone else would've left early on
but as you see everything is over
and I declared bankruptcy
I contacted my friends
and told them about your skills
they will be calling you
and what about you?
I don't know.. I didn't think about it yet
it's been happening a lot lately
what will we do?
will they dig the neighborhood lang every night like this?
we must do something.. we have to catch the perpetrators
wait a minute.. How would you catch them?
these are dangerous
what will you do if they were armed?
what will we do then?
nothing we'll wait.. we don't know their intentions anyway
just wait.. this is impossible
Don't rush things
I think someone searching for a treasure is digging these holes
this is absurd there is no such thing as treasure hunters..
have you gone mad
then let me ask you Mrs. Balçeçik
who, why, and for what purpose these holes were dug for?
she's right
Gülnaz did we come here to answer your questions?
No aunty..
I called you so we can collaborate our efforts
seeing that we're the strong women of this neighborhood
we'll solve this puzzle
yes of course!
we'll catch the diggers ourselves
we'll catch them
why should we catch them ourselves?
is there no more men in this neighborhood??
because we don't trust men
we don't trust them for sure.. they don't solve anything
then we shouldn't tell anyone
don't you tell anyone
Jafer is calling!
don't you tell him anything
I'll follow her to make sure she won't tell him
Hello.. yes.. what did you do?
Great! I am very happy
we're fine.. I mean I am fine
I am in the mayor's office
No.. No.. No
I just came to visit Gülnaz a bit
give me some space.. we need to have a private talk
Oh my God! What did you say?
should I call him?
no I won't call
what would I say if I call?
Hello.. I am Nakiye
Good day Mr. Shewket
it doesn't sound good also
what will I do?? where did you disappear Jeren?
where is Hasret's house?
there.. at the end of the street
Hello. Is Hasret home?
no she isn’t
Is she really not in or she's in but doesn't want to see me?
she is really not home
And I don't think she would want to see you if she was home
she is very mad at me right?
we are both mad actually
this is why I came here
I wanted to apologize to all of you. It was all Murat’s idea
And he really didn't mean so much harm
Never mind.. I'll come again some other time
Have a nice day
you too!
are you going to Hasret now?
I will not wait any longer.. I've waited enough
I think Hasret is a stubborn girl
and she will not change her mind easily
I don't think it wll be easy either
But I will succeed
good luck
Hello I..
welcome Miss Hasret
you must see our new collection..
I'll help you choose.. follow me please
this one suits you very well..
these are all new elegant collection
we used to wish to have one customer
- have a good day Cobra - thanks brother
now we can't even feed him if he comes
uncle, give it to me
Treasure hunters who were digging graves got arrested
How stupid! they thought they might find treasure if they dig
For sure.. As if there was treasures in these days
there is.. in our neighborhood there are treasures
come on uncle!
there is for sure
Oh my God!
of course there are a lot of treasures
like in our neighbor's garden
and the garden between their house and their store
wow.. wow.. wow
he's lying.. he dreams while standing
I'll go then find some treasures
Oh my God!
get some for me too
what treasures are in our neighborhood?
these are the places that they've dug
these red marks
I think they'll dig more in our neighborhood
yes she's right
look she left the mayor job and is working as an investigator
shut up I can hear you
Gülnaz, tell us what should we do now
Aunt Kadriye we should make a trap and catch them tonight
yes let's do it
come let me explain my plan
Oh! God
nothing will happen this time.. God willing
in the name of God
come on.. come on..
Is this Mr. Shewket..
yes.. this is me
how did you recognize me?