Nail art tutorial one stroke disco bleu

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 16.03.2012

Hi girls! Here’s a tutorial for a disco nail art.
That I did with the one stroke technic.
It is quite easy to do and I hope that you will like this design.
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To start off, you can use a square or a beveled brush made for the one stroke.
I dip two third of your brush in turquoise paint.
And one third in a darker blue.
Then shade off the two colors on your palette so they merge together.
And all I have to do is to turn with the brush on my nails to obtain an arc.
Of course You can apply several coats to obtain the style and color that you want.
Altogether I will draw three half circles on my nail
And I will make them different on each nail.
So I make small, medium and large arcs on each nail,
and they should all really be positioned differently on each nails.
It doesn’t matter if you put paint on your skin, it can be easily removed with water.
When it is dry, feel free to apply another coat of paint to make it looks even more shinny.
Remember to dip your brush in the paint between each arc you make
to shade the colors on your palette.
With a short liner brush and white acrylic paint
I make the outline of the circles.
Then drop some top coat on your palette.
And then dip the head of the needle in the top coat
To make big dots inside of the circle.
And as long as it’s not dry yet, then with a fan brush, sprinkle the glitter powder over the top coat.
To remove the extra glitter powder, you can blow on it.
After removing the extra glitter powder
Use a thin dotting tool and white acrylic paint to make small dots around the glitter powder.
Then, still with you little dotting tool, make a little hole inside the glitter since they aren’t quite dry yet.
Why should you make a hole ?
So that the rhinestone that you will apply fits in between the glitter
Without making it stick out on your nail when you touch it.
It’ll be as though you nail is all flat, As if the rhinestone is inlayed with the glitter.
That way, the rhinestone will hold longer.
And finally, all you have to do is to apply the final top coat!
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