JYPnation - Christmas Greetings

Uploaded by jypentertainment on 23.12.2012

Rudolph, the red-nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose! ♬
Yeah!! Merry Christmas, everyone!
I was very very happy to meet you this year.
Please continue to be with me and have a Happy New Year!
Thank you.
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
Hello, we are Park Jimin and Baek Yerin from 15&!
Yeah, 2012 was a very meaningful year to me.
It was such a blissful year to get to know Yerin and you all
I also had a very meaningful year by meeting Jimin and our fans.
Yeah, it’s Christmas time! And wish you good luck for 2013!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Happy New Year! We love you♥
Hi, everyone. This San E.
It’s already Christmas time~
M to the C, everyone! Merry Christmas!
What are your plans for the Christmas?
I might be attending the “X-Mas Solo Party.”
Ladies, feel free to flirt with me.
2013, the New Year, is just around the corner!
I hope you have a great and a joyful year with JYP and its music~
and please continue to love San E!
And give much love to our JYP musicians!
Thank you!! Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!
Hello, everyone! This is Choi Woo Shik.
I had received way too much love and had such a blissful time in 2012.
I will make myself ready for the come back as a better actor.
Have a warm and cozy Christmas,
and Happy New Year! Thank you.
Yeah, everyone! How was your year?
It’s Christmas time! Right?
Yess!! Yeah~!!! OMG!!
Are you guys making some fun New Year plans?
Have a happy Christmas! Merry Christmas! Yoo-hoo!
We wish your New Year to be joyful and full with happiness.
Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!! We wish you all the best~
Hi, this is Kim So Young.
2012 is already drawing to a close.
How did you spend 2012?
I had a busy year by acting.
I hope you have a happier year in 2013!
And I hope you have a joyful Christmas with lovers.
Merry Christmas!
Hello, everyone! It’s JOO^^
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I wish you all the best!
And please give much love to my musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ as well!
Hi, it’s 2AM!
Everyone, how did you spend this year?
Did you have a blissful year?
It’s Christmas time~
Fans, did you all make a nice plans?
Have a happy Christmas!
Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!
Yes, we, too, want to have a joyful Christmas.
Also, we hope you have another blissful year full of happiness.
Then, shall we shout Merry Christmas all together?
One,Two, Three! Merry Christmas!!
Happy New Year!! Wish you all the best.
Hi, this is Lee Jung Jin.
Did you have a good year?
I hope you close the year well~
For the upcoming 2013, the year of snake,
I wish everybody for a joyful and blissful time.
Have a nice Christmas!
And have a good year-end and New Year with good people.
Merry Christmas!!
Hello, this is Lee Eun Jeong.
Everybody, have a joyful time in the year-end.
And I hope the upcoming snake-year of 2013 to be filled with joy and happiness.
Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!
Hello, everyone. This is Park Joo Hyung.
2012 is already moving towards its end.
How was your 2012?
I wish you for the better year in the upcoming 2013.
Thank you!
Hi, this is JJ Project!
Yeah, everyone!
It’s already Christmas time~
Hey, JB. Do you have a special plan for Christmas?
Yes, if it snows in Christmas,
I would like to make a snowman for the fans~
Wow, that sounds like a special Christmas plan~
Let’s make a snowman together if it’s White Christmas!
Umm…let me think about it lol.
Oh, okay~It’s fine.
You do not make it with a man, right?
Exactly! Lol
You guys too have a nice Christmas!
And close 2012’s December well.
We wish your new year, 2013, to be full of good times.
Merry Christmas!!
Hello! We’re Wonder Girls^^
It’s already December, the last month of 2012.
That’s right!
Merry! Merry! Me- Me- Me- Me-♬
A year has passed already, it’s Christmas time,
and the year is almost over!
I wonder what plans you guys have~
Forget about all the stressful work, and everything from 2012!
Since it’s Christmas time, have a Happy Christmas with lovers ^^♥
Don’t pretend to be pretty~:P
We wish the upcoming New Year to be full of bliss!
Merry Christmas!! And Happy New Year!!
We wish you all the Wonderfulness in the New Year~
Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas*_*
Hi, it’s 2PM!
Everyone, have a warm and cozy year-end!
Hey, guys, shall we do it all together?
One, Two, Three!
Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!
Stay healthy! Be happy!
This was 2PM! Thank you!
I would like to express my appreciation of 2012 to everyone~
I will do even better in 2013. I love you.