Jesus Culture - OneNight in Brazil [São Paulo]

Uploaded by evandrobs on 04.06.2012

Hello Jesus Culture!
My name is Denis and this is my brother Daniel
and we are so excited to be with you
on 7th June in São Paulo
and we really believe that
we´re living in a very important time
to the history of the church.
Our desire is to respond to the calling of the Spirit
to awake our generation to look to the kingdom of God.
There is a song there we really love to play
there is called "Awaken Me"
Let our praise be
how we fill this place,
O king of glory,
touch our cities and fill your people
A new day dawning
you are shining like the sun arising
You awaken me, you awaken me
Eyes to see, ears to hear your calling
Our hearts respond to your spirit calling
You're awakening our hearts to your kingdom
Heaven is falling as we are declaring your name
We sing aloud with all of our passion
King of glory, come and fill this place.