Increase hip strength and Hip Flexor with hurdler exericses using resistance bands

Uploaded by myosource on 06.11.2010

Destiny: Hey everyone! We're going to go ahead and do what I like to call hurdlers with the
resistance bands. Ultimately when you're doing hurdlers with or without them you're trying
to loosen up your hips, trying to build strength in your hips. Give yourself a little more
volume when jumping. You're going to find something that you are aiming to get you knee
up over during these whether it be a child or a stool, something. You're going to go
ahead and lift them forward. You're going to do that a few times. Lift. Make sure that
you get a few of those in with the resistance bands on it.
Now when you're done with them I want you to take them off and feel how much of a difference
it is. You're going to go a few forward and then a few backward. Be careful in case your
object is moving. Backwards you feel--I think that you feel more of a rotation when you're
doing it backwards. Excuse me darling. All right. Now you're going to go ahead and backwards
and squat down, backwards and squat down, backwards and squat down.
I'm going to go ahead and take off the resistance bands really quick. I'm going to unbuckle
them. You can see the difference. I feel the difference all ready having them off. He feels
it too. You're going to go ahead and go over and you almost -- you need to make sure to
control your motion, because if you don't you lose your balance and you're not aware
of your own strength. You're going to go ahead and do the backwards
one now and down. It's definitely all about control. It's amazing. I feel like really
you could do anything. There's an explosion there. Over, over, backwards, yep, backwards
and those are my absolute favorites. You feel them everywhere. My legs are hurting, my buns
are burning, my hips have great rotation. I recommend these to anybody.