First Start: Generate a new user and a new project

Uploaded by SmokeHowTos on 04.06.2012

In the previous video, you had a quick tour of the Smoke user interface,
just to familiarise yourself with the basic layout.
Let’s rewind back to the very beginning and start Smoke for the first time,
so that you can go through the process of Project and user creation.
The first window you will encounter after starting Smoke, is the Project and User settings window.
Under the Project section, click NEW to create a new project.
This will bring up the new project settings.
The first thing to do is to click in the text box, and give your project a name.
The name has to be unique from other projects on your system.
Remember to press ENTER to confirm any typing you have done.
The project settings define the default resolution that your project is working at.
One thing I would like to point out is that you can easily mix resolutions and frame-rates,
but the project settings give Smoke a starting point if you know the resolution setting of your final deliverable.
But don’t worry; most things can be adjusted during your session.
Let’s continue…
For example, I will choose to create a project at 1920x1080 and I’ll set the colour bit-depth to 10-bit.
The last two options are for graphics processing. The options are defaulted to use the GPU on your graphics card
and process all operations at 16-bit float point. You shouldn’t have to change these options in most cases.
Next up is the configuration template.
This simply refers to the running frame-rate of the project, as well as the output to your broadcast screen.
So for example, since this project is 1920x1080, I will use an HD profile
and select the appropriate frame rate for my edit and source material.
Now the other aspects of setting up a project is to tell Smoke what your intermediate format is going to be.
This refers to all project generated media, such a renders and local copies, which are stored in this format.
You have a selection of formats to choose from including uncompressed. In this instance, I am going to choose PRORES 422 as my format.
Obviously, you should choose a compression format that your storage can handle.
Finally, one last option you have before committing to a new project is Proxy creation.
This option is off by default.
When enabled, Smoke will create smaller versions of your media enabling you to work faster in certain circumstances.
Please be aware that this does eat up your disk space as well as increase processing time as new media is generated.
So you’ve set your project up, and clicking the Create button will create the project into the Smoke database.
It is now accessible from the project pop-up button.
To create a new user is pretty simple.
Under the user section, click the New Button.
All you need to do is enter your name and press ENTER.
You can also choose from a variety of keyboard shortcut profiles.
Choose the Smoke profile, as those are the keyboard shortcuts that I will be mentioning throughout the course of this video series.
Click “CREATE”.
So you now have a user and a project, and you can press the START button.
A final word on projects and users.
You can switch projects and users through the preferences menu at any time without having to restart Autodesk Smoke.
Remember the Project settings refer to your default resolutions settings for the project,
and your user keeps track of your bookmarks as well as keyboard shortcut assignments.
In the next video, we’ll dive right into the MediaHub and start importing footage into Smoke.