Photoshop Tutorial: Make a Reflection -HD-

Uploaded by RCGTutorials on 08.01.2013

One of the best ways to make something look sleek and clean is to add a reflection to
So today I'm going to be showing you how to add this reflective style in
First make an environment for your reflection to live in.
Add a radial gradient to your background. Darker colors usually work better for
reflections so I will be using dark blue and black.
Lastly, turn the scale up so that the effect is subtle.
Next, grab your text tool and type out your text. I'll be making a shameless plug for
Bright colors for the text such as white usually help to sell the reflection.
Next make a copy of this layer.
Then transform it by pressing ctrl + t,
right click on the text, and then flip it vertically.
Now position the text so that the top of it touches the bottom of the other.
Next add a layer mask to the flipped layer and grab your gradient tool.
Select a basic black to white gradient and click ok.
Then drag about three-fourths of the way down your reflected text with the
This will fade some of it out.
Now lower the opacity of the entire text layer to around five to ten percent.
Lastly you can increase the shine on the original text to enhance its reflective
properties. Add a subtle outer glow that fits your background. For mine I chose
Now that my YouTube channel name looks great, you can try using reflections in your own
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