Zodiac On The Road - Istanbul Trailer

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If we were allowed one and only one look at the world, it is enough to take a look at Istanbul.
In ancient times, it was called the city of the seven hills - or The Queen of the Cities.
Today, we can refer to Istanbul with all known elements of nature.
Not only because of it’s scale, but because of all cultural influences it has preserved.
Here, Europe turns into Asia. Not only as a geographic concept, but a symbioses of the search for internal harmony and the western way of life.
Istanbul, the city of the Bosphoros combines the dynamics of the west and the wisdom of the east.
Today however, we are not going to tell you about St. Sophia or Topkapi
Today, we are going to tell you about the Zodiac signs related to this city.
The markets, the merchants and the customers are influenced by the sign of Virgo.
We are at the Grand Bazaar, where most of the stores and shops are over 500 years old.
Here, the merchants are very honest - they may ask a little higher prices for some of the articles offered, but they will never intentionally deceive the customer.
Moreover, for them, it is a matter of honor to satisfy the customer who in return will refer friends and family to their shop.
Virgos will be mostly impressed by handmade rugs and carpets. Some of the best ones have 400 thread count per square centimeter.
How is carpet?
What is your name?
My name is Elmas
My name is Mariana.
Can I have a small assorted Ice Cream please.
Will I get it at the end?
In this city everything is hand delivered and brought to you on foot, whether it is tea or coffee, your lunch, or any large items delivered to your hotel room.
You can see people carrying bags, water, fruit or flowers.
The cleanliness and hospitality along with the tiny tea cups will definitely impress Virgos.
Famous for his intricate detail work is Mimar Sinan, the architect of the most beautiful Mosques and buildings not only in Istanbul, but in the entire Ottoman Empire.
An interesting fact about the Blue Mosque is the use of ash from the heating burners to make the black stain for the painted ornaments.
Frugality is one of the typical characteristics of the earthly zodiac signs, along with serenity.
During prayer, the body touches the earth more than 70% of the time.
When the body touches the earth a large part of the static electricity accumulated during interactions is then released.
The stress remains grounded and that is why in countries with more houses of worship, the people are calmer and more well intentioned.
The Muslim Holy day is Friday- the day of Venus, the Goddess of beauty and wealth.
Peace and harmony suggested by Venus are noticed in the rich neighborhoods of the Bosphoros.
Well adjusted and happy people remind us of those in Monaco and Switzerland.
Another Zodiac sign related to Istanbul is Cancer.
Not only for the delicious food, but its close proximity to the Bosphoros, the main transportation corridor that delivers food and goods to the entire Ottoman Empire.
The magic of the Bosphoros can be felt only if you are close to it.
You can stay and watch the passing boats for hours on end and enjoy the rhythm of the city.
Along the shore, time stops and the waves wash up to the shore and into your glass and you are overcome by indulging in the moment.
This is not only a place between two continents, but between two eras - the past and the future.
Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city.
You can see it everywhere.
People are colorful and even the hardest to please tourist will find something on the main street - İstiklal.
On the side streets, around Taxim square, you will find bars and restaurant for every taste.
Taurus will be truly enchanted in this part of the city. For food lovers, this place is like heaven.