1791 Diamonds

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1791 Diamonds
Richard Prout, CEO, 1791 Diamonds Wanaka, New Zealand
I'm Richard Prout and I run a company called 1791 Diamonds and we principally sell diamond
engagement rings, pretty much worldwide.
We wanted to live in this beautiful part of the world and at the same time run an international
business and I guess that's what we use the Google tools for.
To reach customers who are at the other side of the globe from us, it would take years,
it would take millions of dollars and in fact, I can enter a new country using AdWords probably
in one week.
It's as simple as this!
We wouldn't enter a new territory without using AdWords.
Alice Herald, Product Manager & Designer
We're here in little Wanaka in little New Zealand and we are selling worldwide - that's
what it enables us to do.
Charlotte Black, Sales & Marketing Manager
Without Google, we wouldn't - we just would not be able to reach these people.
We started with New Zealand and then into the global market because it doesn't cost
much more to just run an extra couple of campaigns just to appeal to a much wider audience.
We monitor by the cent what we get and we would expect to get something between 8 and
10 times return.
We just think that Google is fantastic.
The business really, really thrives from using Google AdWords.
It lets us reach the most amount of people in the most cost-effective way.
All of our customers - because we're an online business - come pretty much from Google Search engine.
They're 80% of the search market now and climbing.
So if 80% of the market's going to be on Google, then that's where we want to be.
Google is like a High Street for us.
It is the main walk, it is the most prominent shop, you know, the one with the most jazzy
lights for us.
So having your advert there, appearing at the top of Google - it's like putting up a
massive billboard in the busiest High Street in the center of the city saying, "Come in here!"
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